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Published: 2003/04/01

The Dead To Tour as The Grateful Dead

The musical act known as The Dead (formerly the Other Ones, Formerly the Warlocks) has announced that it will change its name once again. Following a conditioning period when known as The Dead, the band will heretofore call itself The Grateful Dead. While some music fans feel this appelation has a familiar ring to it, band spokesman and biographer Dennis McNally emphasizes that the group was never known as The Grateful Dead but rather just Grateful Dead. ‘Its all about the definite article,’ McNally emphasized in a prepared statement. When pressed as to whether this comment referred to a part of speech or whether he was speaking metaphorically, McNally responded, ‘Your guess is as good as mine.’
In unrelated definite-article news, The Disco Biscuits still prefer to be known as ‘The Disco Biscuits’ although their home on the web remains

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