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Published: 2006/03/01

Trey and Tom Trample

Although Trey Anastasio composed the songs on his latest release Shine without the assistance of his longtime songwriting partner Tom Marshall, their collaborative efforts have not ceased. According to a recent post on Marshalls My Space blog, he recently completed a series of writing sessions with Anastasio. Marshall writes, Trey and I went up to a friend’s cabin in the Adirondacks and wrote a series of new songs. It was a great trip — we buckled down and worked our asses off to write and record these [10] songs. I’m very happy about the resultsIt gives an idea of the isolation we surround ourselves in to make it easier to think of nothing but writingAnd drinkingAnd girlsWait… Anyway, I can’t wait to hear the songs live…played presumably by (70 Volt Parade) and possibly a combination of Mike and the Duo I suppose. His next tour could be very interesting. Trey and I spoke about somehow releasing our two most recent writing sessions — just the raw sessions, recorded entirely by Trey and myself…just like ‘Trampled by Lambs and Pecked by the Dove’ which contained the first versions of many Phish songs.

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