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Published: 2007/04/01

Caps and Stems For The SLIP, JGYMFO For MOFRO

Over the past few months, in an effort to signal its repositioning into indie climes, avant-rock trio the Slip redubbed itself the SLIP (no, really). However, the veterans of the Jammys, the inaugural tour and our first ever New Groove of the Month have decided that the implications of the dramatic change from the Slip to the SLIP, seem to have eluded the fans of The Slip who continue to frequent the groups shows. As a result, the band has moved beyond caps, adding an asterisk to the stem of its name.

When asked to comment what the asterisk is meant to signify, guitarist Brad Barr, reached on the road while enjoying a dinner of Lake Trout, commented, It just defines us as something different. This isnt The Slip, or even The SLIP, this is The SLIP*. We don’t want to confuse our new heady new fan base. Wait no, I didnt say heady. I dont know what heady means. I meant those people heady-ing over to the Bar/None site to purchase our new studio record, Eisenhower.’
Meanwhile, Florida-based band MOFRO, which recently changed its name to J.J. Grey and MOFRO to reflect the personal material on its Country Ghetto disc, has altered its moniker once again. The group will now be known as Jj. G.r.e.Y and MoFrO or JGYMFO for short. When asked about the change, Grey said, The letters JGYMFO were just more personal to me than the letters jreof. Those letters reflect my inner turmoil.

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