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Published: 2007/06/25

Digital Collaborations

A number of rising livetronica bands spent Saturday at Shermans Dale, PAs at Nulton’s Tree Farm as part of the day-long Summer Solstice festival. A number of notable cameos took place during performances by trance-brethren Quagmire Swim Team, PUSH, and Digital Frontier. Brothers Past bassist Clay Parnell made a surprise appearance at the festival, jamming with PUSH and playing bass on a drum-n-bass jam during the Quagmire Swim Team original ‘Kinda Low.’ Suburban Transit drummer Kelly Hollinger also joined Quagmire Swim Team for an impromptu percussion segment when the stage temporarily lost power. Additionally, Digital Frontier flutist Jesse Stocker and bassist Luke Stocker made appearances during PUSH’s second set for an extended twenty-plus minute jam. During Digital Frontier’s late night performance, Quagmire Swim Team guitarist Buzz came out for a jam during the band’s ‘Malibu’ only to be cut short forty minutes (at 5AM) into their set by the state police. Digital Frontier and Quagmire Swim Team will share a bill this Friday, June 29, at New York City’s Pussycat Lounge strip club as part of Mixed Bag Production’s NYC debut of ‘Tits and Trance.’

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