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Published: 2009/03/09

Jim James in Conversation

My Morning Jackets Jim James has released some free audio on his bands website. But, instead of a new song, the files are actually a conversation between James and author Ken Wilber. The singer/songwriter explains:

hello friends, a few months ago i took part in a recorded conversation/interview with world class thinker/author/magic man ken wilber. i have been a fan of his integral theory and approach to life after hearing his 6-disc Kosmic Consciousness interview set where he goes really in depth to what he describes as his map of existence and all the different elements that make up said existence. He read an interview i had done where i mentioned his work and reached out to me to do a recorded interview for this great new site they are doing called integral life. a good place to start if you want to learn more about all of this is his new book which is basically an introduction to the integral approach called The Integral Vision. the website and all of his work and theory are meant to apply and be useful to people of any and all backgrounds/religions/race/creed etci think it is a really open and useful way of thinking and re-organizing your mind- trying to take the things that seem to make sense to you from all walks of life, and blend them into your own special set of beliefs and ways of living. although i think anyone could really get something out of kens work as well as this website, this is not a sales pitch from them or myself to get anyone to buy or join anything, and i am still learning quite a bit about all of this and dont pretend for a minute to be any kind of expert in understanding the ways of our most complex human experiencei just wanted to explain a little more of the background behind this interview. i hope you are to enjoy!-yer pal yim yames
Please click here to download the conversation. My Morning Jacket has no scheduled shows for the immediate future.

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