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Published: 2009/05/02

Mike Gordon: ‘Another Side of In’ and Relix Cover Story

Mike Gordon’s collaborative art installation will continue to appear at the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation in Waltham, MA through May 10. Gordon has worked with his mother, Marjorie Minkin as well as Jamie Robertson on the piece which is titled ‘Another Side of In.’ The presentation ‘consists of 5 36’ x 30’ Lexan wall sculptures. The custom designed embedded processing technology in each sculpture interacts with viewers in novel ways. Each piece can internally generate and alter sounds based on viewer proximity and communicate wirelessly to the other pieces. Information about viewer positions is also used to dynamically alter lighting, both on the individual pieces as well as in the entire space. The result is an experience that is interactive, non]repetitive, and driven by the participation of all the people in the space.’

For more on Mike’s gig as bass player for Phish be sure to check out the June issue of Relix. The cover story features an interview with Gordon along with a number of photographs taken at the group’s Hampton shows, which Mike has captioned.

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