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Published: 2011/10/17

Phish to Release Fall ’97 Shows

The next archival Phish release will look back on the band’s cow funk-heavy fall ’97 run. According to the latest leak discovered by internet Phish sleuths, Hampton/Winston-Salem ’97 will capture Phish’s November 21 and 22 shows at Hampton, VA’s Hampton Coliseum as well as the Vermont Quartet’s November 23 stop at Winston-Salem, NC’s Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum. All three shows will be released in their entirety.

The multi-disc set will also feature rare soundcheck material from both venues. A note on the release says, “The Hampton/Winston-Salem 97(11/21-23)shows featured Phish at an peak of execution and flow. Throughout the shows, Phish seized most every opportunity to lift and expand. Paul Languedoc’s stereo mix, mastered by Fred Kevorkian, funnels the energy of these special shows nearly 15 years later. Hampton/Winston-Salem 97 contains all the music played over these 3 shows for a total of 45 songs – over 8 hours of music – including never-before-heard material from soundchecks at both venues. The 7-CD box set, a must-own collection for any Phish fan.” Hampton/Winston-Salem ’97 will be available on December 6, 2011 via JEMP records.

Here’s a look at the album’s tracks

Mike’s Song
Bold as Love
My Soul
Halley’s Comet
Emotional Rescue
I Am Hydrogen
Split Open and Melt
Character Zero
Theme from the Bottom
Beauty of My Dreams
Black-Eyed Katy
Hampton ’97 Soundcheck Jam
Bathtub Gin
Black-Eyed Katy
Slave to the Traffic Light
Weekapaugh Groove
Harry Hood
Dogs Stole Things
Loving Cup
Down With Disease
Back at the Chicken Shack
Run Like An Antelope
Train Song
Punch You in the Eye
Low Rider
Lawn Boy
Bouncing Around the Room
Down With Disease
Billy Breathes
Chalk Dust Torture
Tweezer Reprise
Prince Caspian


There are 11 comments associated with this post

me October 17, 2011, 19:26:12

izabella is so awesome and out of any song they aren’t playing i’d rather here this more than any other. trey absolutely destroys this version. these show are great i was at all 3

ROD October 17, 2011, 19:47:14

Hells yes. phish loves north carolina

phan October 17, 2011, 20:52:20

ya or they just love money

Guelah Papyrus October 17, 2011, 22:04:54

A lot of phans already have audience recordings of these but Paul Languedoc’s stereo mix, mastered by Fred Kevorkian plus soundchecks should make this an easy sell and Christmas gift. A must have if there ever was one for Phish.

jsmiley October 17, 2011, 22:17:10

was at both, they were nasty

tela77 October 17, 2011, 23:34:42

I was at these shows also. If I remember correctly we tried to get them to play “Destiny” and Trey was like that sounds like some cannabilistic chant. Great run of shows. Mikes opener Night 2. Sick Slave. Halleys>Tweezer>BEK>Piper is priceless alone.

MikkelJ October 18, 2011, 06:23:08

my favorite Slave. just fuggin’ glorious. best Phish release ever? maybe…

Hello October 18, 2011, 11:25:07

It is about time!

Cleeetus Gazebo October 18, 2011, 12:27:00

Long live the cowphunk! 3 of the best Phish shows ever. 11/22/97 is easily in my top 10. but we all have the audio, though no-gen mastered SBDs will be must-get. How about some video ???

Jax October 20, 2011, 11:07:45

Winston is a great, underrated show with a three song second set (four if you include a Low Rider tease). That Bathtub Gin is one of the most inspired jams I have ever seen or listened to afterward. Everyone knows about Hampton, not enough know about Winston.

charles Forker October 27, 2011, 12:00:18

While your waiting Phoenix,Dave Schools is playing with The Mickey Hart Band in Phoenix AZ on December 6th @ The

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