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Published: 2011/12/20

Groovatron Officially Calls It Quits

2005 New Groove of the Month Groovatron has officially parted ways. The band made it’s last public appearance on December 18th, 2010 when it broke then for a hiatus to rest, write, and record. Exactly one year later the Indiana-bred jamband has announced that its break is an official breakup.

A message on the band’s homepage reads:

To all our fans, friends and family members,

It has been a year to the date since all the members of Groovatron have graced the stage and unfortunately this absence shall continue indefinitely for a majority of the members, as they have decided to stop playing with the band. For the past few months we have attempted to write and record new material, but had limited results due to our tedious and time consuming process of creating as a group and inability to line up six different schedules on a consistent time table. In the past few weeks, a trickle of discontentment seeped out and quickly became a waterfall ending the current group and all our recent endeavors.

Thanks to all our family members for allowing us to “bang away” in their basements for thousands of hours and supporting us when we were young…

Thanks to all our friends who contributed to all the important and unsung details of a great band…

— Recording — Management — Live Sound — Lighting — Merchandising — Promotions —

Thanks to all our fans who let us in to their lives and their willingness to listen to new and sometimes strange songs…

Thanks to everyone for believing in us and giving our music a chance…

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