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Published: 2012/02/06

Widespread Panic’s Final Electric Notes For Now (A New Release Too)

Widespread Panic played their final electric show for the indefinite future on Friday night. The event look place in Mexico at the Now Sapphire Resort as part of the Panic en la Playa destination event.

Heavy rain delayed the start of the band’s two-set show for 40-minutes but when the road warriors returned they changed into one of their most iconic songs, “Ain’t Life Grand.” The show featured several improvisational highlights, including a segue from “Climb to Safety” into “Driving Song,” “Blight” and the end of “Driving Song” as well as an almost completely continuous second set.

After debuting acoustic versions of Warren Zevon’s “Carmelita” and Jimmy Cliff’s “Many Rivers to Cross” in Atlanta, the group performed electric versions of the covers for the first time. During their second set, Panic also offered Panic en la Playa only repeat, “Bust it Big,” which includes the location-appropriate lyrics, “Bust it big, write my ticket/By my shots and ride my liquor down/To Mexico/Bust it big, write my ticket/Gonna call my shots and ride my liquor down.” The night came to a close with another appropriate selection, “Postcards.”

In other Panic news, the group has confirmed that all three nights of the Atlanta, GA stop of their acoustic Wood Tour were filmed and are slated for release. Pre-order information and more details are forthcoming, but a clip of “Blackout Blues” from the shows is now available on Panic’s homepage. The Wood Tour continues with a stop in Denver, CO on February 10.

Here’s a look at Friday’s show via Everyday Companion

02/03/12 Now Sapphire Resort, Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo, MX

RAIN DELAY > 1: Ain’t Life Grand > Who Do You Belong to?, Holden Oversoul, Dying Man, Carmelita, Climb to Safety > Driving Song > Blight > Driving Song, North

2: Henry Parsons Died > Pleas > Henry Parsons Died, Vacation, You Should Be Glad > Chilly Water > Drums > Arlene > Blue Indian > Entering a Blackhole Backwards > Chilly Water > Bust it Big, Pilgrims, Lawyers, Guns and Money

E: Many Rivers to Cross, Postcard
[40 minute rain delay at start of show; Panic en la Playa]

Reporting by Ariel Rosemberg

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