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Published: 2012/03/02

Furthur Confirms Summer Tour

Furthur have confirmed a short summer tour. The run kicks off at the Red Sox minor league McCoy Stadium on July 5 and will come to a close at Rochester Hills, MI’s Meadow Brook Music Festival on July 18. After Furthur’s run of July shows, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir will head to Ohio for performances with their solo projects at All Good. In addition to their summer dates, Furthur has also confirmed two October concerts at Los Angeles, CA’s Greek Theatre. Those dates will likely be part of a larger fall tour. Furthur will open their spring tour at Boston, MA’s Wang Theatre on April 5.

Furthur summer dates

July 5 Pawtucket, RI—McCoy Stadium

July 6 Canandaigua, NY—Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center

July 8 Columbia, MD—Merriweather Post Pavilion

July 10 Alpharetta, GA—Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre at Encore Park

July 11 Cary, NC—Koka Booth Amphitheatre

July 13 Brooklyn, NY—MCU Park

July 14 Brooklyn, NY—MCU Park

July 15 Bethel, NY—Bethel Woods Performing Arts Center

July 17 Chicago, IL—Charter One Pavilion at Northerly Island

July 18 Rochester Hills, MI—Meadow Brook Music Festival

October 5 Los Angeles, CA—Greek Theatre

October 6 Los Angeles, CA—Greek Theatre


There are 45 comments associated with this post

JG March 2, 2012, 20:54:32

Those who don’t get it, have no reason to make negative comments; it just makes you look stupid. If I have to explain, you just don’t get it. Bring on the summer tour!

i believe in santa March 2, 2012, 16:04:13

YAY!!!!!!!!!! Hooo RaY!!!!oh yes ohyesSUMMER!! YAY!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!(~);}

i believe in santa March 2, 2012, 16:06:56

YAY!!!!!!!!!! Hooo RaY!!!!oh yes ohyesSUMMER!! YAY!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!(~);} Maybe add Gathering of the vibes huh maybe huh?

pm March 2, 2012, 16:22:18

UHHHH ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! how bout some new material. JEEZZ people buy A Grateful Dead DVD its better

LIVE DEAD March 2, 2012, 16:38:52

If Grateful Dead DVD is code for LSD..IM iN!! SHIT Man..this shit was OLD in 74!You Just dont GET it…ALL DEAD ALL THE TIME!!! GoPhil Go Phil GoPhil Go Phil GoPhil…Run that bus into the GROUND!!DEAD FOREVER!! FOREVER DEAD!!!(~);}

Pm March 2, 2012, 18:21:03

That bus ran into the ground A LONG TIME AGO and it aint the Grateful Dead it’s Further.

Cloudy Knight March 3, 2012, 09:55:11

I would suggest that if you get that fired up for Furthur, you don’t get it. They’re a nostalgia act, pure and simple. A cover band. I was so hoping to see a Phil & Friends tour. Oh, well.

Furthest from the dead March 3, 2012, 10:16:06

I agree with cloudy. Seriously, these guys are lackluster at best. Phil and Friends wouldve been a much more enjoyable announcement.

Mike March 3, 2012, 10:58:52

it’s like a box of rain for fools
(bring on RADIOHEAD!)

Pm March 3, 2012, 12:15:34

Phil and Friend are a cover band too

js March 3, 2012, 13:19:17

Does, it make you feel better to constantly say the same thing over and over and over…Any news from the Dead and a few boring negative people have to say “nostalgia…its over….move on…etc” I bet those people are no fun to see ANY show with…“oh I’ve seen them____times, oh I’ve heard this song____times, they were better back in the day.” Great, how bout YOU F%^$ers move on!!!!! go listen to your NEW thing and find a way to spend your time wisely. The Irony is hilarious….

Doyle March 3, 2012, 14:15:12

Its just music. Its not life and death. Quit being haters. Charter One is the perfect place to play in Chicago in the summer. See all you non haters there.

kyel March 3, 2012, 16:48:19

I dont think its nastalgia I just think they suck. I mean who in there right mind would let phil anywhere near a mic. And Bobbie good old Bibbie 50 years of playin the guitar and you still cant play lead or do a solo. If you take these two old scrubs out of the band I would pay to see them. I mean I hear bar bands cover dead tunes better than they do!

kyel March 3, 2012, 16:54:23

you guys sound just like phish heads. I love these guys and phish I was just joking. I just love how I meet a 20 year old kid who tells me how awesome the dead are bc he saw one further show and have to listen to him drone on about how he walked out of phish bc there was not enough energy. HMM Phish vs further in the energy department Really!? Thats like sayin Pantera vs Wilco hahah

Great Blue Heron March 3, 2012, 20:43:36

Hit on this link to check out the summer tour confirmation and it was awesome to find so many dates. Then i dropped to the comments and WTF.
Relix could we get these negative, un-positive, unhealthy, harmful to the vibe, useless, uncaring, senseless and insulting posts erased. These people are toxic, unfortunately for them, I will bid them healing but feel it is best for the gentle, sensitive and kind folks who love this music to not be subjected to this abusiveness. If by chance you will not delete them please publish an article about the state of society as it cannot see art very well anymore and most act like politicans always fighting someone. The attacks on sweet, beautiful people shouldn’t be tolerated at Relix really.

timmy March 3, 2012, 23:48:07

Thank you Great Blue Heron, I completely agree with your premise, although it would be pretty hard for Relix to do anything about it. They can’t just take somebody’s comments off for not liking something. All you haters can just sit in your shit that you excrete on to music that you clearly don’t understand. PLEASE stay away from Furthur, and don’t pollute the scene with your shitty vibes. You negative, holier than thou attitudes are a plague on all that is good and right with this band. None of you must have ever been to any of the Furthur shows I ‘ve been to. If you had, you would not make such willfully ignorant comments. I don’t give a fuck how many GD shows you’ve been to, or how well you think you understand their music. Furthur is the best post-GD lineup, hands down, no questions asked. Get over yourselves, and how important you think you are to the “scene”. They are the polar opposite of a nostalgia act. They are consistantly pushing the music in new and adventerous directions. When you wake up in the morning, and look in the mirror, you will always see the same thing. That’s what separates you from Furthur. BTW, they are Bob Weir and Phil Lesh and you’re thankfully not.

BillLesh March 4, 2012, 02:10:24

Also confirmed for Saturday, July 7 at The Mann Music Center in Philadelphia, PA.

LOL March 4, 2012, 10:00:51

Hilarious, again HILARIOUS how sensitive and defensive Furthur/P&F/GD nostalgia fans are, get a life already

Great Blue Heron March 4, 2012, 20:57:43

Hey Now timmy and exactly. LOL with a screen name like that,
you have described yourself perfectly!
Go follow your own advice! Really LOL!

Great Blue Heron March 5, 2012, 10:22:04

Hey Now all ,second thought, Furthur does suck balls!

The Great Blue Heron March 5, 2012, 11:52:59

Wanted to see what was up in this commentary and found that someone took it upon themselves to use the screen name I used in this thread to make a comment. Classless Mother Fucker, you are sick in the head. Take a note of that. I added The to Great Blue Heron to be more specific, like the great bird that is The Great Blue Heron and what you surely are not. What a shame you are. A disappointment to everyone for your choices but do know you are not alone. Society claims you and celebrates you daily. Please get help, I’d bet you are really a wonderful person somewhere in your lost existence. All the best to you and it will be my hope you trade in your uselessness for something useful. What a disappointment you were to find on this beautiful day. Watch out for karma kid, what comes around goes around, every time.
Furthur is Awesome.
Karma is too.

The Great Blue Heron March 5, 2012, 12:17:40

Bob and Phil this is one of the greatest photos, the vibe you both have is superior. Thanks for sharing it with all of us. The worthy and rest. Have a fun time on the tour. Freaks unite, let the music restore you, this bitter world has done a number on many. This music is a threshold to inner joy, it will never be a nostalgia act. It’s purposeful and not a memory, come and dance in real time, stop killing every moment of good that arrives or soon you will die and only leave behind your burdensome existence. And others will be glad to you suffer no more. Imagine that, in an instant. “I call that a bargain…the best I ever had…” Who are you?

Shaun March 5, 2012, 19:16:38

I’d have preferred a long overdue return to Alpine for Bob and Phil… Oh well. Maybe I’ll do Chicago. I also would like to see both P&F and Ratdog tour again… What happened to that second Ratdog studio album that was promised years ago? A shame, since Evening Moods was fantastic. Furthur’s good, though I can understand the “nostalgia act” talk. I’m not sure that I entirely disagree with that, but it’s good nostalgia at least! I do prefer both P&F and Ratdog though. Oh well.

David LeBlanc March 6, 2012, 00:31:22

Anyone who thinks Furthur, Phil & Friends, or Ratdog are nostalgia acts does not know, nor has ever known, how to listen to this music. They are all made up of different sets of musicians, first off, so the feel and interpretation will be different with each, thus, original in each case. Because of the encouragement for individual musicians to freely express themselves during these shows, there is always the beautiful and unexpected in even the most traditional songs. Most people who criticize the music nowadays are actually the ones who are themselves guilty of living in the past, preferring to wait for expected riffs, phrasings and vocal inflection, only to be dissapointed and miffed when they don’t get them. Tell you what. If you’e got a beef with Furthur or any other of these bands, shut your trap, go get some Miles Davis records, lock yourself in room and listen to them over and over until you hear what the f%$k is going on. Then pull your pants all the way up and get back on here with something half intelligent to contribute. There. I feel better.

The Great Blue Heron March 6, 2012, 10:18:45

all this dribble really knocks the nostalgia fans of their axis,so FUNNY how important it is to defend Phil & Boobie, get a life that has some substance…
Jerry is ROLLING laughing at you!

D. LeBlanc March 6, 2012, 10:59:17

You’re something….guy impersonating Great Blue Heron….what’ you’re issue? Are you incarcerated? Did your wife cut you off? Why would you take the time out of your obviously busy life to post negative comments on a blog attached to an announced tour of a band you don’t want to see? Are you Sid Barrett’s long lost brother? Did you lose it years ago? Good grief. Would like to know what the Phil and Bob et al., ever did to you to give you such a malicious agenda. Did they steal your lunch money? Pork your girl? Somethin’s up, that’s for sure. Do us all a favor and run for President. All those folks love smear campaigns. You’d fid right in. Save the space for those who care. In the meantime, have you checked Marilyn Manson’s tour schedule? Don’t miss out on your brethren, dude. Chow.

Your all virtually Bitchslapped March 6, 2012, 11:34:04

Stupid Fucks..Get High and Free yourselves..Jerry rollin??His WHOLE LIFE was about pushing the musical envelope to unexpected and sometimes UNAPPRICIATED places..Only30% of any Dead show or Jerry band was originals..70% covers..I can see it now..all the Johnny Cash,Chuck Berry,Bob Dylan would be writing the same kinda stupid shit about the way the dead Hacked the Hell outta there tunes..unless your into that sorta psychedelic blow your mind kinda thing..anyway i chalk it all up to jealousy..Their jealous of the real JOY they see some of us having,year after after show that they can never reach..some climb..some fall..some rise..and some were lucky enough to see Jerry enough times to..once in a while..put the pieces all together in our minds and figure IT’on get HAPPY!! Isnt that What We ALL want??

D. LeBlanc March 6, 2012, 13:24:42

Right on, Virtually

rageboy March 7, 2012, 01:56:13

that drummers the best since phil collins

Sususudio March 7, 2012, 10:07:08

No FuckingWay!! I like to hear Russo sing..“I can feel it comin in the air tonight“It would sound like Mike tyson..Better than Phil??!! Thats Against All Odds

wally March 8, 2012, 04:40:35

best shows i saw of phish, panic, moe, umph and many more. bring on summer tour…. yeahaw!

Jdog March 8, 2012, 17:34:24

Furthur. Thank you.

you know March 8, 2012, 18:26:30

when all we ever wanted was to learn love and grow… you all still there?

Fredg March 11, 2012, 03:23:56

Haters ~ hilarious. Stay away go to boring phish concerts. You understand nothing about being a deadhead. don’t go away mad just go away.
Jerry would Love this band. You sound like republicans.
Practice random acts of kindness

STAPES March 11, 2012, 07:22:05

All this negative input must be coming from Phish fans or LOT ROT

August West March 12, 2012, 15:24:18

Further is a cover band. And what’s worse, Phil & Bob’s egos are so huge, they won’t let John sing Jerry tunes. Bobby, please stop singing Jerry tunes, and Phil, please stop singing! If you are a hard core Grateful Dead fan like me, save your money and go see Dark Star Orchestra.

bigfish March 12, 2012, 20:07:20

Jerry would HATE this band….. he was tired of the Grateful Dead at the time of his demise. His musical bliss came from playing with David Grissman and band or Tony Rice, ANYTHING but The Grateful Dead. It Killed him along with the herion. Furthur has expectations of sounding like the GD or BETTER as a thought in the back of their minds that limits creativity and reduces spontaneity even if just a little it stops them from being free…....P&F can take the same songbook and recreate the songs interpreted by Phil’s choice of Masters and be able to let go completely because the are playing it their way not confined to try and sound like the Dead get it?

phil-e-us J March 17, 2012, 17:55:38

Any music that the boys do is better than anything else out there as far as I am concerned.Put them in any line up you can think of.peace@love to all you freaks out there.

Gladheart April 8, 2012, 12:45:54

Guys more Summer shows PLEASE! I am really glad you are playing Columbia, MD! Great venue with a lot of history!!

Scott April 21, 2012, 16:43:38

Hey August West, pull your head out of your ass. John sings lots of Jerry tunes. Goes to show, you probably haven’t been to a show and therefore you don’t know what you are talking about.

Georgie July 6, 2012, 17:40:38

I honestly dont understand these people who constantly post HATEFUL and NEGATIVE things about Grateful Dead music and the people who enjoy it…If you dont like it…DONT LISTEN!!!!!...Its pretty simple really-This music and the people who like it changed my life FOREVER when I was 17(Im now 42)...When I went to my first Dead show and saw how decent and helpful everybody was to each other…..(I had been to a few rock shows before and saw aloy of LOUD,DRUNK,OBNOXIOUS people pushing and shoving and fighting one another)....They call THAT enjoying thier favorite band/music?...The Dead were the ONLY band in the world that had THE BALLS to not conform and just play it safe and play radio friendly songs every night like all these other bands…NO OTHER band made the connection with the audience Dead music does either…If there were more DEADHEADS in the world,It would be a MUCH happier and FUN place to live…...GD,RD,JGB,P&F,DSO,and ALL other bands like them make people come together,dance and ENJOY THE RIDE of life…WHAT THE HELL is wrong with THAT??
Aint no time to hate

Georgie July 6, 2012, 17:42:14


Georgie July 6, 2012, 17:50:01

PS….Bobby and Phil are LEGENDS....Show some respect and stop BLATHERING on and on about something you OBVIOUSLY dont understand….Go listen to your cookie-cutter, sounds like 300 other bands CRAP and have fun going to the concerts hoping nobody punches you in the face or breaks into your car while your there….....Cant stand IDIOTS who HATE things that they dont have the brain power to comprehend)....Ok….I feel better now….Dont know why this got crossed off on my other post but-

Shelley Baker July 12, 2012, 10:27:41

This music is played in many tempos and styles. It is real music for real music lovers. you have no idea if the ongoing originality , if you are calling it a nostalgia band. Yes, we have feelings if nostalgia – so what. I don’t care what their name is, they are amazing musicians!

Henry Knox May 18, 2013, 14:43:02

Bob Weir should get rid of that mangy beard he has been sporting all these years!!. Seriously, if you don’t like what FURTHER is don’t go to the shows.

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