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Published: 2012/06/14

How You Spent Your Widespread Panic Hiatus

Though Widespread Panic are currently on hiatus, the band and their management want to know what you are up to. In a message on their homepage, Panic says, “It’s summertime! But it feels like we should all be gearing up for a Panic summer tour…We miss seeing you lovely folks on a nightly basis, so we want to know what you are doing instead! Send in your hiatus photos and let us know what you’re up to this summer!” The group will likely share those photos on their homepage and on Facebook.


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Sharon June 14, 2012, 14:12:56

Missing Panic with the Japanic crew…hitting up the boat,beach and some shows…but it just ain’t the same without you boys! Oh, please cone back before I lose my mind…I need my WSMFP! OH, AND AVOIDING PHISH AT ALL COSTS!;)

formerFam June 14, 2012, 14:57:39

^^^^^^^^ last sentence is so latter 1990’s. maybe the most stupid fan rivalry of all time. >>>>apples>oranges>pee>butt>>>>who care’s>nobody>who care’s.

sm June 14, 2012, 22:42:35

I remember back in the 90s, when both were really killing it, it seemed like most people went and saw Phish and WSP when they came round. There is so much hatred Sharon that neither would claim you as a phan. Go bark up the tree of American Idol or something.

Mike June 15, 2012, 15:05:13

@formerFam awesome setlist lol and amen @sm, NEITHER would want sharon at one of their shows! if im not mistaken, there was that whole HORDE thing that kind of brought everyone together.. no big deal though

Tntater June 15, 2012, 16:17:57

WSP and Phish are 2 comppletly different bands, scenes, music whatever. My first jam show as a phish show and i had a blast. Thats what introduced me to the whole jam scene. But I found panic and havnt looked back since. These days I dont do the phish thing, not because I hate them just because its not my thing anymore. Im a Spreadhead plain and simple. Get over the pettiness and do what you love…. Isnt that what this is ALL about?

wsph June 16, 2012, 13:37:55

Really wish panic were around this year…I am a big fan of the phish as well so my year is going well, but I do like me some panic…can’t wait til the triumphant return.

makersandh2o June 18, 2012, 13:57:09

spending the hiatus giving my brain, liver and nose a break. jk – wait, no i’m not. i’m a spreadhead who likes phish too. can’t get into the umph though, but i don’t hate them!

steve June 18, 2012, 14:45:46

Going to see Rush in September. Great band, but they can’t melt my face as well as Panic. I’ll also see the Flamin Lips for the first time at Loufest. Hope to see you next year boys!

Josh July 2, 2012, 00:55:55

I’m a spreadneck. I love listening to Phish. But they are not as danceable as Panic. I am going to see the Phish boys for my second time in OKC this year. As opposed to 50 shows of Panic. #for the love of music

Nabeel July 11, 2012, 22:41:22

festie hopping all summer, with some PHISH and furthur shows in between..this fall who knows…. yonder mt harvest fest i suppose 3 NIGHTS NEW YEARS EVE should be the return!!!!!!

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