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Published: 2012/07/10

Bob Weir, Mike Gordon, Joe Russo, Jonathan Wilson, Neal Casal and More to Play Jerry Garcia 70th Birthday Tribute at TRI

A diverse cast of musicians will take part in a 70th birthday tribute to Jerry Garcia at Bob Weir’s San Rafael, CA TRI Studios on August 3.

Billed as Move Me Brightly: Celebrating Jerry Garcia’s 70th Birthday, the evening will feature a one-time only band that shows Garcia’s influence on modern music. In addition to Bob Weir, confirmed participants include: Phish bassist Mike Gordon, Chris Robinson Brotherhood guitarist Neal Casal, RatDog/Furthur keyboardist Jeff Chimenti, indie-approved singer/songwriter Cass McCombs, Furthur/Duo drummer Joe Russo, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers keyboardist Benmont Tench, singer/songwriter Harper Simon and songwriter/guitarist/producer Jonathan Wilson. Additional acts are expected to join the jam session. Weir covered McCombs with members of The National and others at a recent TRI HeadCount benefit.

The event will also include exclusive interviews with Garcia’s peers, including Carlos Santana. David Crosby’s moving tribute, “’Cause I’m Missing Him Tonight,” penned specifically for the occasion, will be read during the show. Actor Luke Wilson ( The Royal Tennenbaums, Old School, Anchorman) will take a moment away from his day job to emcee the event. The entire event will be streamed online.


There are 81 comments associated with this post

funk July 10, 2012, 15:32:04

Really booooo? Jackie Greene horrible? If I were as judgementa as you I wouldn’t like any music.l

Rabbi July 10, 2012, 15:37:14


jojo July 10, 2012, 15:37:31

bobby and a bunch of nobodies…sort of a letdown.
ps – keep these phish creeps away from gd things in thefuture

art coyne July 10, 2012, 13:56:43

i’M heading to woodstock/bethel NY…this weekend to see the dead/furthur…..I am bringing Daves ashes toquietly scatter all over the place, in a ritual that he requested, completing the CIRCLE.... and fulfilling my committment to my best friend…..and all of ours, who knew/know and loved the unique pure, simple, soul that is DAVID DANOWITZ.....aka.. Tie dye DAVE....RIP....peace and love….love that freakin hippie bastard!!!!!! please consider mentioning Dave at any of your upcoming performances, as music was his life. Never as a player, but as a world class professional LISTENER.......He considered all of you musicians (top to bottom) The precious caretakers of the divine message that you present. He held ALL of you, whether you knew him or not, as worthy of highest respect….He would often remind me to always consider the amount of time, care, and dedication that you all put into mastery of your CRAFT....I WHOLEHERATEDLY CONCUR....!!!! The risk you take at each and every live performance. Nothing would tickle him more than to have his name flow from your lips to audience ears…..THANKS!!!!!

boooo July 10, 2012, 15:23:06

Neal Casal? Come on Bobby.. you can do better than that! Well, at least its not jackie greene. man that guy is horrible

Kathy July 10, 2012, 15:17:53

No Mark Karan????? It’s a tribute to Jerry Garcia and you do not have Mark Karan on lead guitar??? Bad gris-gris boys.

Robert Foutch July 10, 2012, 15:39:44

would. love to be there

nedhead July 10, 2012, 15:51:24

In typical fashion, we get to see a well meaning tribute to Garcia shat upon by whiny deadheads who can’t fathom a musical celebration that doesn’t include the “same ol same ol.” I’m looking forward to this, as it shows how Garcia’s influence continues to flower outside of jambands, and across generations. Luckily I won’t have to listen to the crybabies from my computer. Can’t wait!

Dan Roach July 10, 2012, 16:22:42

Sounds awesome….what love and devotion that still inspiring the scene…Jerry is looking across the cosmos in delight at the continual burning of his flame of inspiration

Chris Lori July 10, 2012, 16:30:28

Sounds great. To bad they won’t do one back east, the part of the country Jerry once called The Dead Belt.

SCOTT July 10, 2012, 16:37:43


Tom Howe July 10, 2012, 16:52:40

Too funny.. Jam on!

Satisfied July 10, 2012, 16:59:47


Mysoul July 10, 2012, 17:20:32

Mike Gordon blows everybody here away. It should just be gordon, chimenti, and weir.

Neil July 10, 2012, 17:29:55

Booo…you! Jackie Greene is one of the finest young musicians in the country! Keep it going, Bobby!

Phil July 10, 2012, 17:30:05

this sounds great. dont really understand why most people look for something negative to comment on. that must be a miserable way to go through life. wish i could be there

The Dude July 10, 2012, 17:36:02

Gordon is the man get your heads out of your asses and go to a phish show then try complaining.

JMM July 10, 2012, 17:43:19

This will be sweet. Any tribute to Jerry has special meaning (to a true fan). To all those that are disappointed, cry me a river. We don’t need you and Jerry surely doesn’t miss your sorry ass!!!!!!

The Dude July 10, 2012, 17:46:23

I love The grateful dead but so many Dead heads hate on phish because there the top jam band in the world and in my opinion the best Jam Band ever to play on this earth period. I know people who do phish tour when further isn’t touring just to make sales and have never even bought a ticket.It’s well worth it so buy 1 sometime and jam on instead of whining about a band you have never seen live before.

Mattyd July 10, 2012, 18:02:48

Thank You Bobby for keeping the music we all love alive n kickin’!! you give us this music to tickle our souls and I for one will be forever grateful. Happy 70th Jerry, we miss you!!!

Carrie Korsgaard July 10, 2012, 18:10:05

Nobodies???? Omg what I would do to be there for this!!!!

BoulderEagle July 10, 2012, 18:12:15

Great lineup! Can’t wait! Jonathan Wilson is superb, and does an awesome version of “Mission in the Rain” live.

lifeisgood July 10, 2012, 18:22:49

Live Laugh Love.fare thee well and happy b-day jerry.

Good Ol GD July 10, 2012, 18:27:57

Dude, Dude, Dude – best JamBand ever? WTF – when you get confused, listen to the music play. GD = classic songs with lyrics that touch your soul and the whole world quotes. Phish = nonsense lyrics about idiotic subjects that nobody but Phans can/will remember in 20 years. Most people outside of the JamBand world don’t even know who or what Phish is let alone any of their songs or lyrics. In contrast, Jerry Garcia and the Grateful Dead are icons of American culture! What a long strange trip its been…

Dano65 July 10, 2012, 18:29:54

I think it’s a fine lineup! Thanks (~); }

Pooch July 10, 2012, 18:36:58

Folks, since the passing of Jer, we’ve been on a nine mile skid on a 1 mile ride. Face it, there’s nothing left to do but smile, smile, SMILE. Stop hatin on other forms of music!! MUSIC IS THERE TO INSPIRE, if it’s not the style you care for, FIND SOME YOU DO, for if there is a crowd for the music you dislike, THOSE people feel the same way about their music as you do yours, they cherish it, it moves them, it speaks to them. LET THEM HAVE IT, YOU HAVE YOURS!
thank you.

Rastamon July 10, 2012, 18:42:53

Sounds grate!! I’ll be lookin forward to this live Webcast. Btw, I respect the surviving members of the GD’s opinion of Phish. They are an outstanding Jam Band and are still evolving.

Petey July 10, 2012, 19:19:37

I dont see the point in comparing Phish to the Dead. Only, I dont know any phish heads that hate the dead. There is very little negativity at Phish shows. I am repeatedly shocked at how negative some Dead Heads can be. It’s pretty sad. I don’t think Jerry would like it, that’s for sure.

strawberry July 10, 2012, 19:44:08

here here, nedhead! very well said. this is exciting stuff. and the garcia family getting in on it? really looking forward to this.

jj July 10, 2012, 19:47:15

C’mon guys…there is little sense in the Phish vs. Dead debate. It’s so tired…you’re comparing apples to oranges anyway. The only similarities between the two is they are/were both bands that played long improvisational pieces of music and have/had a rabid fan base that followed them on tour. That’s it. Two completely different bands in every other aspect, including the way that they perform and improvise. Get over it. This event looks great and I am very happy that the life of Jerry will be celebrated this way.

Dann July 10, 2012, 19:54:32

Would be awesome if John Kadlecik could participate

Leo July 10, 2012, 19:55:42

Thanks, Bob, and all of the people associated with this project! A tribute to Jerry’s life and music is noble and awesome! Namaste!!!

Cwhumble3 July 10, 2012, 20:12:08

GREAT lineup great to see Neal Casal in there with Gordon chimenti Russo and Jonathan Wilson too. Kick ass.

Frisby July 10, 2012, 20:21:12

Phish-haters wake up. Jerry and the entire Dead family embrace(d) numerous musical genres and outlets. It’s the music. Always has been. Good selection Bobby.

Firefromtheice July 10, 2012, 21:36:46

Are you familiar with the expression “mean people suck?” Until you make your living busting your a** for the art you’re passionate about; I think it would be kinder to keep your inappropriate comments to yourself. A little respect is due the musicians who step on that stage every night and risk the reviews to entertain us and make us smile! Ease up folks!

Letitgro July 10, 2012, 22:06:14

Thanks for getting this together Bob. I’m looking forward to it!

Deener July 10, 2012, 22:30:14

Jackie Greene plays w/ Bobby & Phil all the time. He should be there!

awest July 10, 2012, 22:56:00

I miss Jerry and I honor Bob Weir’s acknowledgement of his friend’s memory by putting on this event. None of you judgmental FUCKS ever stood beside Garcia for that long, and while I still love the music, I wouldn’t give a rat’s ass for the lot of you and your comic-book-guy opinions. Have a nice day.

chuck July 11, 2012, 00:01:06

i start by saying happy b-day jerry & thank you bobby this sounds like a great thing everyone on the line up is awsome. i love how jeff is everywhere now he is great. i also used to hate on phish cause people told me “go see phish they are just like the dead”. well i was bitter just cause they said that. when i gave a real chance i realized it may sound different but it is kinda the same. great musicians playing so we can have fun.

william vaughan July 11, 2012, 01:13:33

Bobby, kudo’s to you , pretty ritgeous of you to remember Jer by doing a gathering of whomever . Let the spirit move ya cheers from Missoula, MT. Would love to take that trip down the coast and be there . Ahh the memories. And The MUSIC NEVER STOPPED, EVERYBODY’S DANCING . Keep up the jam nomatter whom, JER will be singing you know better but I KNOW HIM ! Peace offand hope to see ya soon.

Bryan July 11, 2012, 01:14:58

Well said Rastamon…..At least the Surviving members of the Grateful Dead all respect the members of Phish and their music. It is a mutual appreciation. I was blessed to see an equal # of GD and Phish shows. What is strange to me is the attitude of some people (especially the Old Deadheads) in here dissing on Phish. WTF? Be nice…Love man.

Dominique July 11, 2012, 02:20:50

This sounds amazing. I’m especially excited to see Jonathan Wilson and his band in this roster. They are some of the most transportive and spirited jammers in music today.

patty July 11, 2012, 03:39:48

The only way this tribute could work is if you brought the guy from tour with his organ. Maybe the could charge$ 125 a ticket and only” family” could get left on the docks!

Cassidy Weir4ever July 11, 2012, 06:11:01

wow and wow
1. what a bunch of nasty comments.. :-o Times sure are a changin’ and not for the better i see.. 2. WOW it’s gonna be great! I really look forward to it tons! Haven’t seen decent music locally, but TRI brings on The Goods :-) It will be wonderful, of that i have NO doubt at all. And probably terribly moving.. I’ve been living in Europe since 10 years. Was in CA for 20. To me, the World changed, pretty much around the time Jerry passed on. When i think of him (everyday) i remember a so much BETTER ERA! and i’m just an early 80ies Deadhead, never saw them b4 81. When i cry for Jerry (his music always moves me brightly) i also cry for The Times we lived in. You’d never have heard any of the 21st Century comments then. Just HEY NOW! and smiles to pale the sun… THANK YOU BOBBY WEIT FOR PUTTING THIS EVENT TOGETHER!
ps: love The Nationals!! woo hoo, they played so perfectly with Bob. Much fresher than all the ‘known names’ ...if you get my drift. Cassidy Weir4ever, Brussels, Helgium ..

TCinNYC July 11, 2012, 07:49:05

Lineup looks good to me. Haters are gonna hate & its positively exhausting. I look forward to enjoying the stream. Miss ya Jerry!

Gavin July 11, 2012, 08:56:29

Keep the message positive, a bad day at a show beats any day at work!... ALL of these musicians are there for a reason. Bobby has been in the industry for quite some time. Im pretty sure he picked THESE artists to be there for a reason. Phish and the Dead like it or not are inter-twined and they will continue to spread the beautiful art of Jamming to the masses. RIP Jerry…

adks12020 July 11, 2012, 09:15:05

Sounds great to me. I don’t understand all the negativity. I will certainly be tuning in. P.S. Neal Casal is an excellent guitar player, singer, painter & photographer. I think Jerry, with his multitude of artistic talents, would be happy to have someone of his talents play a tribute.

mtn July 11, 2012, 09:49:30

this banter is worse than any gawd awful reality show one might subject themselves to in order to make sense of their own life

johan Sebastian July 11, 2012, 10:52:03

Anybody bitching about this is a true douchebag. this is going to be an excellent handful of musicians perfectly chosen for Jerrys 70th.

Rob Maurice July 11, 2012, 12:34:09

I followed the G.D and Jerry melodiously since 72 and in all the time Jerry was alive I never heard him say a bad word about anyones music . I also was fortunate enough to be invited to spend time with him in 73 and talked about different music and again ,not a negative word. Same with the other bandmembers . Take his cue and flush the negative. You can dooo it !!

Josh July 11, 2012, 12:51:18

@jojo, in particular Bob Weir is a horrible person and a bad musician (at this point in his career). This line-up would be MUCH improved by his absence, just bring in Phil!

Scary July 11, 2012, 18:35:02

The amount of faith you guys put in Bobby in…what is it, 2012?’s FRIGHTENING! Gordo’s the best thing you got goin here

Richard July 11, 2012, 21:16:25

REALLY folks!! ALL this negative vibe stuff does not honor Jerry or the music. What happen to respect, LOVE, and honoring someone who hast passed over AND continues to pass on the spirit of music. LET THE MUSCI FILL THE AIR!!!

ic July 11, 2012, 22:06:17

Let there be music to fill the air….

LSDDSL July 11, 2012, 22:11:31

Happy b day Jerry!!!!! Don’t understand all the crazy banter. The whole lot bobby picked could come out and play the kazoo all night and it would be better than anything you haters have done personally. As a seasoned touring musician who likes and respects all forms of artistic expression, I don’t understand why anyone would even be on this website unless they loved music. Are you trollIng trying to upset deadheads? What a waste of space, energy and band width. Peace, love and the grateful dead!

Chris Johnson July 12, 2012, 07:12:22

Jonathan Wilson is a amazing guitar player. He has played with Elvis Costello, the Black Crowes, and Robbie Robertson in the last two years. His sound blows away John Kadlecik!

ldjrider July 12, 2012, 07:45:01

Air it live. Love to watch the show that evening, the 3rd of August.

Seriously?! July 12, 2012, 09:08:26

Jackie horrible? Phish creeps? Wow, talk about hostility toward free music. I’d love to be able to send all you beggar/choosers back in time to the days of B&P trading.

marc July 12, 2012, 09:33:37

lots of small minds posting. stretch it out, hear the music, it won’t hurt you. this is not the nba or nfl and the posts sound like sports radio. this is very cool what Bobby is doing…it is your choice

Lumanation July 12, 2012, 16:18:08

I remember hearing Jerry Garcia’s acceptance speech when he won his Bay Area Music award for Guitarist of the year in 1988. He mentioned how he didn’t see music as a competition and that made accepting Guitarist Of The Year weird. Then he said thanks … I never forgot the ideal behind what he said.

Ripplestillwater July 12, 2012, 19:32:19

What a Long STRANGE TRIP It’s Been!

mait July 13, 2012, 16:26:33

is it free?

Sadman July 14, 2012, 10:10:23

Happy Birthday to Jerry! Wish you were here. Thanks to Bobby and TRI for the tribute. Looking forward to another incredible night of stoking the flames of this magical fire that we have been blessed to have been warmed by for so many years by so many talented soles.
Peace and love!!

John Byerly July 15, 2012, 16:01:21

Thank you for taking time out of your Private life and sharing it publically with us to celebrate Jerry’s influence with us on august 3rd

Chadwell July 15, 2012, 21:28:16

Upon reading this, I was very excited to scroll down and read the comments in response to what should be a very exciting event. Why in the hell is there so much negativity?! It’s one lone concert celebrating the life of a great man whose music we all here love! There are some great musicians tabbed for this event, what a great way to celebrate. Looking forward to it!

Befuddled July 15, 2012, 23:41:42

While it’s a shame to read Deadheads crapping on Phish, just a reminder that PhishHeads used to do same towards the Dead. If you don’t think so or weren’t aware of this, you didn’t see Phish whilst the GD were still touring. The level of venom aimed towards the GD by many Phish “phans” was insane. I learned the hard way not to even mention The Dead while at a Phish show from 93-95. The Dead were their “parent’s band,” Phish was for “the kids.” I love(d) them both, but many in the Phish camp couldn’t fathom that. Oh well, it was their loss….And when Jerry died? Oofah, the level of paranoia that DeadHeads would “infiltrate” Phish tour? I’m glad we’re long past those days..

waldo July 16, 2012, 00:49:16

Legendary cast and crew, wish i wasnt workin to watch this. Dont hate on phans vs heads. Appreciate the damn music and stop putting so much hate in the world. If you wanna hate someone hate kanye and repetitive beats and lyricists like beyonce and any other r&b artist. Both bands have different sounds and i wanna smack people who bash one over the other, we are gonna hate the music our kids listen to but if we teach them the roots of happy music everyone will come out happy. Peace and love! ~waldo

Crazy Otto July 18, 2012, 15:39:46

Actually, I’d like to see Weir & company play more “no names.” Just imagine all the fantastic, important, moving music out there being created by people strumming away at a guitar, mandolin, banjo or punching away on keyboard or just singing as they slave that could be as or more heartfelt and moving as “Ripple” or as soulful as “Black Peter” or as freakin nutty as “Born Crosseyed” or as magical as “A HArd rains Agonna fall” or _____________ (you fill in the blank). Me — I’m horrible on the guitar but have a couple of little simple “doo-dadds” that I throw my whole heart and soul into in utterly crude fashion — so, ya gotta believe there’s another Bach, Miles, Dylan, Hunter, Garcia . . . and that cat might just be playin for spare change on the street in some big city somewhere or sittin in some cockroach infested apartment. When you see that cat, encourage him/her and give the cat more than dime for a cup of cofffee — give him a sincere compliment and encourage to keep playin. Yeah, Bobby — mix it up and play w/ folks w/ no names — like the guy in “O Brother Where Art Thou.” Stay cool, people and enough of the junior high school bickering over who’s the “best.” Remember — it’s about the music. It speaks for itself.

josh mays July 19, 2012, 11:09:33

I cant understand why the haterd towards phish and all the others b happy u live in a place u can watch such greatness and quit bitchin

china cat proud walking jingle July 19, 2012, 13:31:35

yayyyyyyyyyyyyy, a show we can all go to as long as our interwebs is working chimenti just rips my head apart every time. i was drawn into ratdog because of hearing him and the saxist pull jerry’s licks off with aplomb….. he absolutely kills Slow Train Coming. thanks be to you bobby, tri studios is just cool period.

Pm July 19, 2012, 13:04:47

Talk about beating a dead horse

kc July 21, 2012, 10:14:09

Long time Dead Head, Phish Phan, crazy about SCI, Franti and MOE rocks along with dozens of others!! Never have understood all the hating between the tribes :-( Jerry would not be impressed. MEAN PEOPLE still SUCK, please dont leave your hateful comments during the show as we really dont want to see them or for that matter YOU there….especially the dude hating on Bobby, just go find someone else to listen to and somewhere else to be.. Thank You.. Peace

kye July 22, 2012, 22:48:41

he how about mike will rip up any dead song and these days he will do it better than phisl and im a gd fan. have you morons listened to mike???? waaaaaaaaaaaay better than phil iand i really dont like phish but if you idiots cant see how sick this band will be with the drimmer and bass player alone you dont know shit about the gd. so stay home and dont clog up the stream

kye July 22, 2012, 23:07:14

@good ol gd ( ot whatever you call yoursel)f. I love the dead but phish jams cant be touched while people in 20 years will be, maybe singing ripple all the kids will be dancing to phish jams that actually make you dance for years. the dead is great but they sure as fuck dont melt my face like a true rocking phish jam. open your eyes and learn to listen to other music. maybe take the same ten dead tapes out of your garbage car and try some new jam tunes. dead heads= losers that never grew up aka dinner and a movie) thats for idiots that never grew up. phish kids 60 percent are college grads in college or make 40k a year. ( now there are dumb phish kids too)

Tim August 3, 2012, 07:49:51

I can’t believe even the trolls show up in comments on something wonderful like this.

George August 4, 2012, 02:52:02

Wow, 40k if i only made 40 k i couldn’t grow up. Phish is fun but it is not the legendary music of the Grateful Dead

the truth August 18, 2012, 17:33:16

Show was awesome. Mike was awesome. Bobby was awesome. Love the comments from the jaded old crusty “deadheads” – please tell us again how much phish sucks you batty old kodgers. I will be dancing and spreading the light. Funny that people still try to keep this whole phishhead/ deadhead feud alive even though the dead is long gone and the guys from both bands play together….really funny the only ones who mention it are old crotchety deadheads who even after nearly 20 yrs still refuse to believe theres any other music out there and will watch Phil butcher mountains of the Moon while regurgitating the same old “phish suck” blah blah….really weird to me anyone ever compared these 2 bands when musically they are like day and night

doug November 22, 2012, 22:25:35

Phish is the best – a powerful, creative jam band. Mike Gordon is a world-class bass player! March 22, 2013, 04:26:00

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Joe blow April 6, 2013, 02:00:38

I will always defend the dead and although they will always have more soul, but PHISH blows them away when it comes to acumen, tenacity, ability, and overall drive for continuous improvement.

jakdown November 2, 2013, 07:38:02

I will always defend the dead and although they will always have more soul, but PHISH blows them away when it comes to acumen, tenacity, ability, and overall drive for continuous improvement. November 27, 2013, 23:32:37

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