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Published: 2012/07/23

Dean Ween Comments on His Band’s Future

Mickey “Dean Ween” Melchiondo has officially commented on his band’s future. As previously reported, Aaron “Gene Ween” Freeman announced the band’s split in an interview with Rolling Stone. Shortly after, Melchiondo commented on his Facebook page that Ween’s breakup was news to him. Freeman, who is a recovering addict, then reportedly tried to get the band together for another run “for the fans.”

Melchiondo recently discussed the band’s future with His interview not only hints at the band’s return but also that they may play together later his year.

When asked about his plans for the next few years Melchiondo said:

I never put anything before Ween. I dedicated twenty-eight years of my life to it. So, I don’t know. It’s common knowledge that Aaron just went away for a long stint in rehab. He’s trying to get himself sober, and get his life on track, and that extends way deeper than just Ween. And I love Aaron, he’s one of my best friends in the world, my whole life. So, I kinda thought, that maybe the band would be on ice for a year, or two, or three, or five, and I was totally cool with that. However long it took for him to be healthy and more importantly happy, I was prepared to do it, and I was going to wait for him to take the lead on it. And the next thing I know I read in Rolling Stone that he said that he was breaking up the band. And I was heartbroken. I still am. It’s only been a month. And I also knew, you shouldn’t make a decision like that, the day you get out of rehab or the week you get out, and I think he regrets it. I don’t think that you’ve seen the last of Ween. I wouldn’t be surprised if we played before the year is over to be honest with you.

Freeman recently released his first solo album while Melchiondo is focusing on his second career as a fisherman.


There are 10 comments associated with this post

Timmy July 25, 2012, 17:18:37

Mickeys interviews were typical of a manic spousal figure in denial. Hope he calms down as I’d bet the bank Aaron will not return. The dream was over awhile ago, glad Mr. Freeman killed the cat before it dragged itself further into the dregs of jam band bullshit. Long live Ween.

Grey July 23, 2012, 16:14:34

Its very common for someone newly sober to shed the past and begin with a clean slate…it healthy even. Often people will do go to the extreme with this but once they’ve gained some clarity and are confident they can secure a sober life, they are able to reconnect and redevelop healthy relationships with their past, and the people within.

dingo July 23, 2012, 17:07:47

drivel Grey… actually total fucking bullshit
people are responsible for their actions
Aaron needs to grow the fuck up and evolve
ego is his problem plain and simple

jkeuler July 24, 2012, 00:18:48

drivel Dingo… you’re an ass

lil icee e July 24, 2012, 06:19:34

i agree with dingo hes right! genes down right selfish asshole not even telling deaner good hes sober bad 4ween

krusty kreme July 24, 2012, 21:36:24

yea! stupid offensive gay fucked lyricks about drugs is over, face it peeps they suck and relize it genes lame anyway!

Mert August 1, 2012, 15:42:10

Bottom line… I love Ween. Always will. It was shitty for Aaron not to sit down with Mickey and AT LEAST give him a heads up…or discuss it. Mickey was blindsided. Bad business- especially from someone you’ve been in a fucking band with for 28 years. But I still love them both and I will be happy if they DO get back together. They are still more interesting than any of the new mind-numbingly shitty music out now. Krusty Kreme, you’re a fucking moron, I bet you live in Booger Bottom, Georgia don’t you?

Dale August 5, 2012, 09:43:26

I say Good for Aaron. If he wants to be clean and sober and shed the “Gene Ween” personality/identity, that is a positive thing. When it comes to selfishness, one HAS TO BE SELFISH in order to stay sober. It is a life of death situation. Let’s not forget that Aaron is human, is a father and has a life outside of Ween. None of us can fault him for his decision. I personally think it would be horrible to be clean and sober and be on stage trying to put enthusiasm into songs I wrote when I has high as a kite… reliving those experiences over and over, night after night. . . it would be kind of like driving back and forth in front of the meth dealer’s house every night with a shiny new unused pipe, telling yourself you’re not gonna go there. STAY CLEAN, AARON. R.I.P. GENE.

Blipsnok September 2, 2012, 19:43:10

Aaron obviously had a quick change of heart and wanted to do some Ween gigs right after his announcement, so, the Ween train will most likely roll on. Stuff happens. It’s good he’s working on being a healthy person, and in any relationship, feelings get walked on from time to time. Ween’s fans take the band to heart pretty seriously, so this has been a weird time for them. PS the Ween forum on the dotnet site is a complete wasteland of pathetic jerkoffs without lives, and needs to be shit-canned.

Tim October 3, 2012, 08:33:27

I thought ween was suppose to be together forever :(

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