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Published: 2012/10/05

Oteil Burbridge Leaves Tedeschi Trucks Band

Photo by Brian Jenkins

Bassist Oteil Burbridge has officially left Tedeschi Trucks Band. Burbridge has been a mainstay in the group and also plays with Tedeschi Trucks Band lead Derek Trucks in The Allman Brothers Band. His brother Kofi Burbridge is also a member of the group.

Oteil Burbridge posted the following message on TTB’s Facebook page this afternoon:

After 25 years of intensive touring, I have come to the very difficult decision that I must cut my yearly tour schedule back and will not be able to continue to tour with TTB. This much needed break from heavy touring will allow me to recoup, recharge and address my main priority in life right now, which is to start a family. I have deep love and respect for every member of this band and the music that we have made together, and I’m proud of our many accomplishments over the last three years. I certainly hope that we have music left to make together in the future.

Tedeschi Trucks Band also posted a statement:

We are sad to see our brother Oteil leave TTB but we want what is best for every member of our family, and we respect Oteil’s decision to make a change. We’ve had many amazing shows and sessions with him over the years, documented by two albums we’re very proud of. We wish Oteil the best and look forward to the next time we can share the stage.

We have reached out to our extended family of musicians and confirmed three great bass players for the fall. Ted Pecchio will play on the shows Oct 18-20. Dave Monsey Oct 27 – Nov 3. And George Porter Jr Nov 27 – Dec 2.

The Allman Brothers Band are expected to have a big 45th anniversary year in 2014. The bassist will play with members of his old band Aquarium Rescue Unit later this year.


There are 29 comments associated with this post

me October 5, 2012, 18:41:53

Seems a bit odd that, if it’s simply to start a family, that he couldn’t at least make it through the current dates… at least through the December dates… and give time for a replacement to break-in…

G October 5, 2012, 20:55:14

That’s awesome he’s gonna be a dad hopefully, those amazon musical genes should continue to another generation. Best to you, my man.

G October 5, 2012, 21:03:16

That’s awesome he’s gonna be a dad hopefully, those amazon musical genes should continue to another generation. Best to you, my man.

dartdog82 October 5, 2012, 22:15:21

At least we we get an awesome bass player for our show!!!

Daniel Spellman October 5, 2012, 22:19:03

Just when the band, along with the great Derek Trucks, was beginning to slide deeply into obscurity – This seems timely; Good luck Oteil!

Cloudy Knight October 6, 2012, 09:37:42

Slide into obscurity? WTF are you talking about? I see NO danger of that happening anytime soon.

Adam October 6, 2012, 13:24:41

Obscurity? Not sure what planet you are living on, but I saw TTB last week in Portland, Maine and it was hands down the best show I saw all year. They are as talented and tight as any band on earth and Derek is simply the best guitar player living. Oteil will be sorely missed, the band will survive though.

todd October 6, 2012, 15:04:18

3 nights at the Beacon is sliding into obscurity? You sir are are quite clueless.

george best #7 October 6, 2012, 16:30:43

Wonder what the real reason is for Oteil bailing on TTB?

Soul Stu October 7, 2012, 12:41:06

Obscurity? You call winning a Grammy, selling out 3 nights @ Beacon, headlining a tour w/ BB king & touring the world (already played 4 separate continents) obscure? Thats Laughable!! Oteil’s deeply in love with his wife & ready to start a family. There’s nobody I’d rather see with this band but I respect his decision & wish him the best. It just makes all the incredible music I saw him make w/ TTB that much more special. Looking forward to hearing George Porter up there! My other favorite bassist!! Much Love to Oteil & TTB, long live Burbridges!!

burning_beard October 7, 2012, 14:09:09

OB will be missed. I mean who else will be as wonderfully animated on stage as O?!?!?

Mike B October 7, 2012, 15:10:36

I hope they give Todd Smalley a try he is a great bass man!! And works well with Derek and Kofi @ Dan obscurity are you nuts this is the best band since Johnny Winters came on the scene!

Jane October 7, 2012, 19:01:24

Best wishes on Oteil’s new project—starting a new family! No worries, we can see Derek and Oteil together in the ABB.

yahooo October 8, 2012, 09:15:52

you guys dont understand sarcasm huh?

cocheese October 8, 2012, 13:27:31

Bring back the Peacemakers!!!

Davey K October 8, 2012, 14:37:21

The man has his priorites straight, good for him. He is one of the top 10 bassists on Earth and he can step into the scene whenever he wants.

Destide October 8, 2012, 21:28:45

I agree with Mike B. Hope Todd gets a shot. He stood in in for Oteil on one song with them at Red Rocks recently.

Derek fan October 9, 2012, 06:18:33

TTB rocks,they will do just fine.

JD October 10, 2012, 07:58:24


matters October 10, 2012, 12:20:40

I don’t know. I think the guy is melodic but certainly too soft for the ABB. Kinda like Andy Hess with the Mule. Nice jazzy sound but not enough punch for a rock’n‘roll band.

Jim October 10, 2012, 13:47:10

George Porter would kill with the TTB.

Richard Doofenschmirtz October 11, 2012, 12:45:01

Oteill is a class act and one of the truly best bassists around. Best of luck with his family and look forward to catching him sometime with ABB!

Eric October 11, 2012, 14:14:04

Maybe he was tired of Yoko bringing the music down.

Chucky cheese string October 12, 2012, 14:16:45

45 year blowout in 2014!! DAT ES A GUD VUN!!!

Soul Stu October 12, 2012, 14:25:31

Yoko?? Really??? That’s utterly retarded… But I’m slightly entertained by your idiocy.. First time I’ve heard any moron try and sink low enough to compare Susan to Yoko.

todd October 13, 2012, 13:06:59

Yoko eh? So it is that fat gnome from the Allman Brothers board posting over here now. If you ever see a picture of this guy Eric you will understand why he is so full of misplaced anger.

steverlovesthesilly October 14, 2012, 09:15:23

wow kinda sad to see Otiel go….but seriously who said he wasn’t a good fit for the ABB? Just amazing how completely wrong people can be. duh!

Wooker T. October 14, 2012, 23:04:08

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Please say it isnt so! We will always have the Midnight in Harlem clip fron the Crossroads festival up there on the youtube i suppose.

Tripp Little December 20, 2014, 18:51:48

I didn’t get the memo, and was surprised to NOT see Oteil with TTB last week in Richmond, VA. My 2nd TTB show in as many years, and 3rd overall. I thought last year’s show was just an off night – but last week’s performance was very similar; it lacked any emotional connection with the audience or illusion of spontaneity. Susan and Derek were extremely wooden, and Derek’s tech was bringing out his next guitar on the last note of the song. “No time for chit-chat, let’s get this over with” was the vibe I got. I suspect the “years of intensive touring” comment is code for “I’m tired of playing the same sh*t the same way every night.”

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