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Published: 2013/02/18

Perpetual Groove Members Start Kickstarter Campaign for their Ghost Owl Project

As previously reported, Perpetual Groove’s Adam Perry, Albert Suttle and Matthew McDonald will focus on their new project Ghost Owl while guitarist Brock Butler takes a hiatus from the band. In addition to a summer tour, Ghost Owl has started work on their studio debut Say Goodbye to Finland. The members of Ghost Owl have also launched a Kickstarter campaign to help jump-start their new project.

The band’s Kickstarter page explains:

This is a completely different kind of live show from what Adam, Albert, and Matt have done in the past. The Ghost Owl live show will utilize not only new musical technology but use of visual projection art. We need some new gear to execute this and bring a true “experience” to the audience.

Ghost Owl is from Athens, GA. Athens is an amazing city with a thriving and supportive art culture. We will be taking lessons and collaborating with other musicians, visual artists, and producers from Athens and beyond. Some of the artists we’ll be taking lessons with include:

Timi Conley – Musician, Producer, Songwriter@Kite to the Moon

Newton Carter – Musician, Producer@The Atom Brothers, Songwriter

Chris Perry – Author, Musician

Evan DW – Artist @ Art Satisfied

Donation incentives include a chance to appear on the band’s debut album, a private Ghost Owl show, free digital downloads, an original song written in your honor and a chance to travel between shows on Ghost Owl’s bus.

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