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Published: 2013/04/19

Phish to Release Ventura Box Set

According to a listing at Alternative Distribution Alliance, on June 18, Phish is scheduled to release a box set containing their July 30, 1997 and July 20, 1998 performances at Ventura County Fairgrounds in Ventura, CA. According to the tracklisting, the box set will also include soundcheck recordings from both shows. Both occurred early in the band’s respective US Summer Tours, and closely followed European tours. Of note in the shows is a secret language tease in the ’97 ‘David Bowie” as well as an extended take on “Makisupa Policeman” and the debut cover of “Sexual Healing” in the ’98 show. Internet sleuths at Duanebase found the listing and spread it to the fan community earlier this morning.

Here’s a look at the setlists, via

Wednesday, July 30, 1997

Soundcheck: Twist (with Chuck E’s in Love lyrics), Blues Jam, Makisupa Policeman

Set 1: NICU > Wolfman’s Brother1 > Chalk Dust Torture, Water in the Sky, Stash, Weigh > Piper > Cars Trucks Buses, Character Zero

Set 2: Punch You In the Eye > Free > David Bowie2 -> Cities -> David Bowie, Bouncing Around the Room, Uncle Pen, Prince Caspian > Fire

Encore: My Soul

[1] Take Me to the River jam.
[2] Simpsons signal in intro.

Monday, July 20, 1998

Set 1: Bathtub Gin, Dirt > Poor Heart1, Lawn Boy, My Sweet One, Birds of a Feather, Theme From the Bottom, Water in the Sky, The Moma Dance, Split Open and Melt

Set 2: Drowned -> Makisupa Policeman2 > Maze, Sea and Sand, Prince Caspian > Harry Hood

Encore: Sexual Healing3 > Hold Your Head Up, Halley’s Comet

[1] Several false endings, including a Free Bird-style ending.
[2] Long, atypical jam.
[3] Phish debut.


There are 3 comments associated with this post

me April 19, 2013, 13:53:57

7/20/1998… one of my few WC shows… the Poor Heart was classic phunny Phish… location was great, right near the Ocean (thus the Drowned and Sea and Sand… or so I assumed) but the venue was terrible… freaking dust bowl… maybe the reason for Dirt… Sexual Healing Fishman… more classic phunny Phish… overall, a good solid show but I think there are quite a few that should be ahead of it as far as a live release… Venue was much more friendly than the night before at Shoreline where I was charged by a mounted horse cop because I had a beer in my hand (and in my 30s at the time, not causing any issue)...

TJP April 19, 2013, 16:50:18

I’m really stoked about this. Ventura 97 was my 1st show, and I’ve wanted it for years!

ghoststash April 21, 2013, 01:38:52

The Bowie>Cities>Bowie from Ventura 97 is one of the best segues I have heard since YEM>Frankenstein>YEM at Greatwoods on 1994-07-08! I am so excited for this. That was my 4th show!

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