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Published: 2013/05/08

Phil Lesh to Play Free Turtle Rock Show at Terrapin Crossroads

Phil Lesh has confirmed a free show at his San Rafael, CA Terrapin Crossroads venue. Tomorrow, the bassist will play a free show at the club billed as Turtle Rock. Music will start at 4pm and stretch late into the night. Lesh and the rest of Furthur were slated to perform at Napa, CA’s Bottle Rocket Festival tomorrow but cancelled after Bob Weir cleared his schedule following an incident at Port Chester, NY’s Capitol Theatre last month.

Lesh’s Turtle Rock show will feature Furthur’s John Kadlecik,
Jeff Chimenti and Joe Russo and as well as Ryan Adams & the Cardinals/Chris Robinson Brotherhood guitarist Neal Casal, guitarist Stu Allen and members of the Terrapin Family Band. This evening the Terrapin Family Band will play the music of the Rolling Stones at their home venue.


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Jon May 8, 2013, 21:00:02

I hope this stream the show online for free ! That would be awesome

Christine May 8, 2013, 23:55:41

It is not a consolation for all that have paid for the Napa show!

Dave1013 May 9, 2013, 00:03:31

Please stream it Phil :)

Liz May 9, 2013, 00:10:50

Wow how about coming up to bottle rock where u would have been playing this makes no sense.

Jenni May 9, 2013, 00:14:43

This is a total slap in the face to those of us who bought tickets to bottle rock planning to see Further. Are we supposed to skip out on our $100 tickets to see your free show instead?! Why not take this wonderful band up to BOTTLE ROCK WHERE YOU WERE EXPECTED?? Why not play a free show Friday or Saturday so it does not conflict with the tickets we already purchased? WTF Phil???? Thanks for nothing!!!!

Garrett May 9, 2013, 03:22:50

Christine, Jenni, and Liz – Stop your complaining. If you want to see Phil, leave Napa after Black Crowes and catch your fill of Phil. No one is forcing you to stay for Avett Brothers.

Robert May 9, 2013, 03:23:31

Wow. This is very disheartening for those who had purchased tickets for the festival with the hopes of seeing Furthur. While we may not know the specifics as to why they aren’t playing the fest (without Bob), I can’t judge the band for not playing the fest, there is probably a lot that we don’t know and it is probably out of their control/etc. But to the ordinary fan, this is definitely frustrating to say the least. All those who paid to see the show months ago are now at a loss to a free show (which will be tough to get into anyway). oh well..

anonymous May 9, 2013, 05:39:07

wow some people act like the band owes them something…. maybe Bottle Rock didn’t want Phil and Friends after the cancellation, ever think of that before pointing your fingers at Phil?? ..... maybe you all should look back at the fine print from your Bottle Rock purchase that says “artists subject to change” ..... eat the lousy $100 and be happy these guys are still out there making music for us at all, Phil and Bobby don’t owe anybody anything!!

James May 9, 2013, 09:49:02

Who the hell really spent $100 to “just” see Furthur? Seriously, enjoy your day at BR, and then head over to Phil’s.

upset deadhead May 9, 2013, 09:56:38

tacky. your fans paid perfectly good money to see you play in Napa. We understand the show is cancelled because of Bob’s health concerns and we completely support that. Then you insult us by offering a free show with half of Furthur at your club on the same night? We love you Phil and Terrapin, but one thing you don’t understand is we’re not made out of unlimited money, it really hurts when we have to pay for a expensive show thinking we’re going to see you, you’re not there and then you’re playing somewhere else for free. Furthur cancelling left a lot of your fans in the lurch; we already bought our tickets, we were going to go to Napa and have a good time anyways and now you “f*** you” us with a free concert at your club. I hate to say it Phil, but I don’t think you thought about us, I think you’re just thinking about you.

Doug R. May 9, 2013, 10:20:59

So let me get this straight,it’s a COVER band of a cover band doing “Stones” covers.Hmmmmm?? I’ll pass on & wait for something ORIGINAL to happen.They say “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” & i’m beginning to believe it.

comeon May 9, 2013, 10:26:16

do you guys realize that you are yelling at a 73 year old man?

access all areas May 9, 2013, 10:35:27

Phil. you aren’t keeping it real. I’ll wait for Bobby to come back. you do what you gotta do

Vicki D. May 9, 2013, 10:36:43

Thank-you Phil for trying to offer an alternative for your fans. I’m ever so GRATEFUL to you. And thank-you for all the wonderful music you and Bobby have provided for us for our enjoyment. We love you guys and are EVER GRATEFUL! PEACE and LOVE!

Jake May 9, 2013, 10:37:06

Phil this sucks man what the heck. Ive traveled all over the u.s. to see y’all and payed 400 dollars for this crazy fancy wine festival mainly to just see y’all. Now your not coming to the show for some reason but you can play a free show at your venue that’s fucked up man… have your own venue that you can play any night of the year. how about playing a show that you already booked…... I not saying shit the deals done more for my life than you’ll ever know but just really sux when you have 30,0000 people coming to see you and your band. And you can’t give us the desensy to just come out and play a couple songs. You.d rather boom a show somewhere else where half the people won’t even be aloud to come in cause the venue is so small. Pretty messed up…...... I love y’all so much but this sux

Vicki D. May 9, 2013, 10:40:44

Thank-you Phil for offering to play for us for free. We’re ever GRATEFUL for all you and Bobby have done for us throughout the years! Thanks for always doing your best since we know it takes a lot of hard work on your part. Thanks again! EVER GRATEFUL! PEACE and LOVE!

Darren May 9, 2013, 10:54:39

We get it folks, you’re bummed. You paid for Bottle Rock and Furthur isn’t going to be there. Yes that sucks. But please be reasonable. If you paid $100 or $400 “just to see Furthur” or “mostly to see Furthur” then you should question your math. Furthur and particularly these “half of Furthur” events that Phil does at Terrapin can regularly be had for FREE going up to $80. Either way, question your math not Phil’s motives. Secondly, festivals and even normal single band concerts ALWAYS say “subject to change or cancellation.” Consider that possibility. Lastly, you can sell your Bottle Rock ticket at a super deep discount, say $50-$60, drive down to Terrapin and you get to see “most of Furthur” for a real great price! And whole pizzas are 50% during happy hour. Come on get happy folks! Let’s go dance at Terrapin. (Or go to Bottle Rock and see the Crowes and many other incredible bands, all for $100!)

really? May 9, 2013, 10:56:13

Phil is sticking it to Bottle Rocket, that’s for sure!

Carl May 9, 2013, 11:49:52

Thanks Phil for taking care of your fans. We know you would have played at BR if it would have worked out. Have a great show….I have a ticket for BR so I am heading over to see how they do a Festival in Napa.

Peter May 9, 2013, 12:38:18

While I’m sure this has something to do with Bottle Rock not willing to pay Furthur’s guarantee for one of Phil’s bands and I’m sure this is Phil trying to do the right thing for his fans, I don’t like this move. The idea that you can go to Bottle Rock for the day and then drive to Terrapin for the free show later is nuts. Terrapin will be at capacity by 5pm and it will be a mob scene down there. Hardly the same as being up in Napa at a larger venue with great wine and food and a bunch of other great bands. As someone who paid for Bottle Rock, I don’t like this but I know Phil was trying to do the right thing.

cosmicbein May 9, 2013, 13:42:20

First of all when Bottle Rock dropped their tix prices in half a couple weeks ago,the writing was on the wall,they were losing their asses with this festival.Second Bob Weir has a setback and Furthur cancels.The rest of the band had full intentions of holding up their end and playin one way or another.Bottle Rock losing its ass saw a way to save a ton of money by not lettin the remaining boys to play,thus fuckin the fans and the band.Phil is just trying to let u know he cares and he plays for free,dig it.Bottle Rock will never hold a festy again,they fucked their fans before it all began.This is the real truth to what went down in Napa!! Dead Forever,Forever Dead

Stevie May 9, 2013, 16:05:50

You all are so funny. There could be a ton of reasons why he’s not taking these guys up there. Could totally be contractual. Hes doing what most bands wouldn’t and is making a really nice and free gesture. Its not like he’s getting paid by bottle rock and they control the money you paid with the terms you agreed upon with Bottle Rock. Jam on everyone. Peace and love

walthers May 9, 2013, 17:03:13

Ha ha, Cosmicbein, you nailed it! The writing was on the wall with this festival when they announced it. Napa is a great place, this was a solid line up,but good luck getting in and out of that place on a daily basis. Plus, no camping and few hotels near by, glad I passed.

Aiko May 10, 2013, 00:04:25

Phil..I only wish I was in town to see your show tonight for Phreee!! It’s too bad that some others don’t get the contractual parts of the game keeping you from pulling a flat bed trailer up to the parking lot and playing for Phreee up there. It’s incredibly generous and fun you and all other musicians are trying at TXR to make lemonade out of the lemons you have found in front of you
TXR is such an amazing gift to the entire family of friends….can’t wait to fly back in for the spring ramble.

Naia May 10, 2013, 12:06:18

Thank you, Phil.

Edward May 10, 2013, 12:13:51

Well, for all those bitching and moaning about Phil not playing BR, I was at TXR last night. Never had any intention of going to BR, smelling a disaster from the get-go. But any number of folks who showed up for Phil’s set were also at BR, stayed through the Crowes set (which I am told was phenomenal), drove a half-hour south, and caught Phil’s set in its entirety. Oh, and Phil’s set was also, for the record, phenomenal. So, for those of you who did not cut off your nose to spite your face, congratulations. You saw great shows both in Marin and Napa. For those of you who were too busy complaining about your old buddy Phil Lesh to think that one through… suckers.

bobby's oxycotton May 15, 2013, 18:48:51

booby is at betty fords get well soon booby!!! I hope phil leaves his sons at home for the free gig His kids talent is questionable. Their singing makes Phil sound like Pavarotti

TheOtherOne May 16, 2013, 01:19:15

As someone who used to work in the business, many years ago, and who has been an observer — as a paid journalist and then just as a fan — for many years since, I’m saying CosmicBein got the facts EXACTLY right. I have little doubt Phil would have played at BottleRocket had the promoters been willing to pay the band something reasonable; maybe not as much as Furthur would have gotten, but still enough to pay the other Furthur band members, the crew, and the other musicians who were recruited for the free show. BottleRocket was already losing its shirt, so the promoters decided to take advantage of Bobby’s meltdown and cut their losses. A bad idea, but hardly an original one.

matthew congleton May 17, 2013, 01:18:43

furthur cancelling bottlerock-fail
me buying a 140.00 full price ticket-fail
me flying out there from virginia to napa to see furthur (450.00)-fail
not knowing phil was playing that night-fail
300+ dead shows w/rat dog /phil and friends-awsesome
still pissed the fuck off at last week
9.00 draft beers at bottle rock-really fuckin fail

matthew congleton May 17, 2013, 01:22:56

anybody want to reimburse me awesome, (not for the 9.00 drafts, i did drink them)

Cowboy May 19, 2013, 11:17:35

Roll one up and chill out. Take a puff. Relax. We love you Phil. we love you Bobby. Groovy(~};#

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