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Published: 2013/05/21

JamBase Live Cancelled, Festival Bands Will Play Seattle

JamBase has issued a statement about its upcoming JamBase Live festival. We are sad to report that the website says, “Bad news: JamBase Live is cancelled. Good News: We are now working with another awesome venue (much closer to Seattle) to host many of the bands originally slated to play at The Gorge Amphitheater July 5-6. While we’re still hammering out the details, keep July 5-6 open on your calendar as we expect to have a new announcement soon. Tickets will be refunded at point of purchase.” The festival was slated to feature Robert Plant, STS9, ALO, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Bruce Hornsby and Slightly Stoopid, among others.


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Axel May 21, 2013, 16:40:04

I’m having Shakedown Festival flashbacks.

donzo May 21, 2013, 15:57:50

Planning this the same weekend as High Sierra wasn’t a good idea.

Jennie May 21, 2013, 16:12:14

this is total bullshit.

mecca May 21, 2013, 16:24:25

There is only ONE gorge, you cant recreate that anywhere. maybe doing on a holiday weekend vs HS with decent but not super strong lineup had something to do with poor ticket sales

derreck May 21, 2013, 16:33:16

Gotta have a stronger lineup than this in year 1. Facts are facts.

steve b May 21, 2013, 16:37:24 sucks. That site fell off a few years ago. Maybe rename the site Its all about!! The only thing Jambase is relevant for is their show/festival database.

Doug Sahm May 21, 2013, 16:38:13

That lineup just wasn’t going to cut it. That is a 5,000-seat venue kind of line-up.

chris May 21, 2013, 16:45:30

not a drawing lineup for the Gorge…. hopefully they ll do it downtown Seattle

clark brown May 21, 2013, 16:07:16

too many festivals….

Brittany May 21, 2013, 16:10:55


Andre Ranieri May 21, 2013, 16:59:44

I’ve been wondering how life at the Gorge would be over Fourth of July weekend. It’s often well over 100 degrees up there in July. The first time DMB played there (7/11/97) it was unbearable until the sun went down.

dk70 May 21, 2013, 17:54:34

because of DMBs gay music?

BYoung May 21, 2013, 18:07:10

Robert Plant will be playing on Sunday, July 7 at the Waterfront Blues Festival at Tom McCall Waterfront Park in Portland, OR!!!

Allyson Murphy May 21, 2013, 18:35:23

Well,that’s a bummer, but at least it quelled my FOMO.

Lhilly May 21, 2013, 18:41:43

Can’t wait for Safeway Waterfront Blues Festival in Portland on July 7. Robert Plant, Taj Mahal and more!

chris g May 21, 2013, 18:44:20

come on man! First Morrissey cancels at the Mt. Baker Theater, now this!!! I’m moving back to Kansas

Cruc1al May 21, 2013, 19:54:38

Epic fail. Too bad, too. I thought Jambase would throw something crazy together.

Jason May 21, 2013, 21:06:25

Another option… Summer Meltdown Festival August 8-11, just north of Seattle will fill the void here for an amazing camping experience and much more intimate setting of 4K people. Some would argue Whitehorse Mountain Amphitheater to be just as scenic or better than the Gorge.

LJ May 21, 2013, 21:40:55

Whiteriver rivals The Gorge? Hahaha, now that made me laugh. Good joke. After this news I needed that. This was going to be the best festival of the year at The Gorge. The lineup was amazing and the view is unbeatable.

Crista May 21, 2013, 23:16:30

Bruce Hornsby & Railroad Earth plus others will be playing in Eugene, OR on July 5th with overnight camping available at Cascadia Music Festival. Tickets are only $45.

bay b d May 21, 2013, 23:39:20

was looking forward to the saturday show, I know I won’t be going if they put it at the whiteriver. that place is a joke.

Easy Street May 21, 2013, 23:58:09

Marymoor hippies… Marymoor

Wow May 22, 2013, 00:48:01

Jason, I am an extremely positive person, but for you to say that Whitehorse Amphitheater is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my life. Anyway, the lineup needed that almost major headliner to make it happen: Cheese, Petty, Furthur, etc. There also isn’t enough bands. See Sasquatch Festival for example. And Great idea Christa! Was just thinking the same thing!

Ahhhaaaaa May 22, 2013, 00:52:02

You said Whitehorse, which may be a little better than Whiteriver, but still…the Gorge is unmatched. My bad! Summer Meltdown should be fun though.

kl May 22, 2013, 15:34:04

Any word on when we get the refunds?

Tracy May 22, 2013, 16:31:31

So, 4 non refundable flights and two kids first ever music festival…. And we should pick up and move to Seattle… maybe?? This is BS

Jason May 22, 2013, 18:13:04

Yes, I was referring to WhiteHORSE Mountain, not the Whiteriver shit hole. The comments I hear about it being better than the Gorge are the fact that you can camp inside the venue with the stages, under giant fir trees with lots of shade, as well as there’s a river to swim and play, plus you get the awesome view of Whitehorse with it’s Glaciers. Sure laugh away, to some it’s a ridiculous statement, probably because you’ve never been to it, and only attended the Gorge. but I’m just repeating what many have said that go to Summer Meltdown. The venue is certainly one of the best places to see live music in Washington. It would be amazing if Jambase Live could land at this spot, holds about 5000 people.

Beaser May 23, 2013, 00:02:17

Nice pitch.

jim schirman May 23, 2013, 22:30:28

what a bunch of crap, crap and more crap

Marto May 24, 2013, 10:15:20

What a bunch of garbage… The Gorge is the ultimate venue and We gave up Sasquatch to go to Jambase, the line up was compiled of many of my favorite bands and it was a f-in pain in the ass to schedule the dates with work. This is ridiculous! The event of the summer cancelled.. Oh! “But there’s good news” In moving SOME bands closer to Seattle… Hey, great idea… If you live near Seattle.. What about those of us who are much closer to the gorge? Anyhow, way to shit the bed…

stevie May 24, 2013, 20:31:04

Jason, so what you’re saying is that you’ve never been to the Gorge? Clearly have no clue what you’re talking about

lovejahlive May 26, 2013, 12:00:53

They needed a headliner that wasn’t playing at the Waterfront Blues Fest to really sell some tix. That show has KDTU and NMAS playing late nites for $20 too. I also think the no re-entry thing kinda’ stopped some people from going. It sucks to have to stay inside the venue all day at a fest. Whitehorse is a better choice anyway. imo

Pete May 27, 2013, 10:14:15

I feel for those who booked flights for this one. As much as I love the guys at Jambase for what they have done over the year, this was a stretch. Holiday weekend and going up against H.S. was a non-starter. Plus, the lineup could have had a little more strength. (Though I would have been going for ALO no matter what). You also have Phish at the Gorge this year. There is the pilgrimage show. I’m nearly 40 and have seen many festivals like this come and fail to get off the ground. People forget that advanced ticket sales for this level of event will be tepid and best, and that is hard where you are trying to hit guarantees. Most people would make a game time decision to attend.

CUL8RBY May 28, 2013, 12:36:53

Number 1 the lineup was not weak it just did not mesh ,I would say 80% of the people who wanted to see Plant and Page or Hormsby don’t even know who ALO or STS9 are and WHY was Sound Tribe Sector Nine given such a low billing STS9 was not even named on websites like Ticketmaster ,The Gorge and Jambases first page but under the more link?? When there yearly attendance figures exceed all the other bands?? and have no problem filling Redrocks by themselves, by not making them a headliner now that was a mistake . NUMBER 2 TO ALL of those who think the Gorge “is the Ultimate” you just keep thinking that because obviously Awesome venues like Hornings Hideout and Whitehorse Mountain “formally Darrington Blue grass festival amphitheater “Don’t rate with you because you would rather…walk three miles to your carcamp crammed together mooing like cattle after being in the hot 95 degree hot sun all day after you have been searched siezed and robbed by the ten dollar beer and 8 dollar hot dogs after your legs hurt from dancing on a steep packed hillside all afternoon and evening and still lamenting the 5 hour drive home and the the long line of cars just to get out of there after spending $80 on a ticket and 17.50 ticketmaster surcharge and $75 overnight “camping” if thats what you want to call it…..I call torture Oh Ya BUT the view is OMG incredible the best sunset I had at a show was when Joe Cocker played right after Stevie Ray Vaghna a couple months before he died when it was still Chateu Saint Michelle. and last “sorry I know I am being longwinded
“Number # 3 Did I hear somebody say STS9 , ALO and maaybee EOTO with our friends Acorn project and the guys formally known as Flowmotion Might help us out here as I talked to a ALO band member today and he said” we are still looking for venue and might have found one” come on guys help them out.
number 4 Summermeltdown ,Photo and Know. ARE about FAMILY put on by family and were not and are not comparable to anything else “ and yes the names were slightly changed” Just as Whitehorse,Hornings Hideout, Hobucks AND lookout arts just cant be compared to the Gorge, RedRocks and other “Commercial venues hopefully no one was trying. just dont do it I’m done

ratdogfreak May 28, 2013, 19:59:35

i heard it was moved to chateau ste. michelle in woodinville which is a god awful place to see a show.

pabstslayer May 29, 2013, 19:02:55

Robert Plant is washed up. Led Zeppelin was iconic and one of the greatest bands ever can’t deny that. But anyone that goes to see R.P. today is only there to say you saw him because the music isn’t worth it.

WoodyTheWyser May 31, 2013, 21:18:09

The current Plant and The Shapeshifters sound/look very good. Check out recent concert videos on YouTube. Very impressive sounds coming from that unit. I do appreciate JamBase for making the attempt to get the JamBase Live fest off the ground. Quality billing of blues, groove, blues, jam, soul, and rock acts w/o cluttering the main stage with tonedeaf indy, edm, and commercial pop. I presumed, by having JBL on the same weekend as HS it helped to reduce talent booking fees and therefore keep the ticket prices lower and driven ticket sales much better. But that was not enough. Negatives: 1. JBL festival was announced much later that it should have been. Phish, DMB, John Mayer and Sasquatch and HSMF were announced far ahead of JBL. 2. The Gorge, for all its scenic beauty, is just not attractive for an all-day/two-day festival venue. The no re-entry policy is a killer for many. (How do Sasquatch attendees feel about that?). And on a hot summer day on the plateau, without any shade whatsoever, you can’t go down to the river! There needs to be an accessible water feature. 3. It’s difficult these days to put on a successful music festival, w/o an EDM tent and after-hours music. I’m diverse in my music tastes but not an EDM fan. But it sure helps pay the bills. However, other festivals wasting a large stage for a single/duo electronic performer is total nonsense. Yes I am biased! Most EDM is crap. If I’m wrong then Rock is indeed dead!

Dan June 5, 2013, 18:42:21

I have heard Of a date for chateau st Michelle for around the same dates.

Matt June 11, 2013, 03:59:39

Sounds like many comments here are from those who bought tickets. As someone who was on the fence and did NOT yet buy tickets, I’ve got to say the no in-out rule is a pretty big deal (eg deal-breaker). Camping music festivals are one of my favourite things in the world, but to deny people the right or ability to go freely between their camps and the music is a miserable policy, especially somewhere like the Gorge, and especially for something like Jambase Live which I think was an event that was going to attract a way cooler and more diverse crowd than a bunch of 20 y/o college kids. No offence to all the great 20 year olds out there! We’ve been going to the Gorge for years and really wanted to come out to JBL but the corporate policies, high ticketmaster fees, etc have just been making it harder to say yes, sadly. I personally thought the diverse lineup proposed at JBL was awesome!!! Into Micheal Franti, STS9, Bruce Hornsby, Rodrigo y Gabriela (!! They are incredible. Almost brought me out by themselves), all of it.

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