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Published: 2014/05/09

New Soundgarden Documentary is in the Works

Director Reginald Harkema confirmed in an interview with Bad Feeling Magazine that a Soundgarden documentary is in the works.

Harkema, who co-directed the Alice Cooper documentary Super Duper Alice Cooper, said that while the film is still in the planning stages, some filming is likely to begin this summer during the band’s summer tour with Nine Inch Nails.

Harkema also noted the difficulty in getting to drummer Matt Cameron, who opted to tour with Pearl Jam this year over Soundgarden.

As far as content is concerned, he says, “We’re going to concentrate on [the 90’s] era mostly. We’re going to shoot all the interviews so they’re more on-camera, so you can kind of get the emotion in the faces. There’s a lot of stuff that they went through, and a lot of stuff that they [shrug off], that I think we can dig deep underneath, and get back to how they felt emotionally at the time.”

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