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Published: 2014/05/16

Phil Lesh & Terrapin Family Band Announce Telstar Show with Lebo and Jason Crosby

Photo: Marc Millman

Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family Band have announced a pair of shows at Terrapin Crossroads for next month. The first show, set for June 10, is billed as a jam-oriented “Telstar” show, and will feature special guests Dan “Lebo” Lebowitz and Jason Crosby. The next show will take place June 13, and will be a more traditional performance.

Tickets for the shows will go on sale today at the Terrapin Crossroads box office before they become available online tomorrow. Interestingly, tickets for the Telstar show will only cost $15.


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rob May 18, 2014, 18:35:19

Can’t wait til next spring when Furthur most likely will be playing in NY again. I could use about 5-6 shows.

Joshua Kat May 18, 2014, 19:30:25

Me too! I pray this “exclusive” lock up deal with the Capitol is a financial disaster and doesn’t get renewed. If Phil poops it gets reported here yet Warren Haynes just played 3+ Garcia Symphonic shows and not a word…

The cap contract May 18, 2014, 20:42:13

The Shapiro contract is the worst thing that ever happened to Phil post Dead. He has watered down lineups half the time and the other half we are supposed to pretend his kids are David Crosby and Grahm Nash for 60 bucks. Some nice venues are one thing, but thinking all fans want this over kill social media fueled marketing and business money grab is ridiculous. I’m glad the scene is a money source for so,e, but now it’s at the expense of the quality of the music. PHIL CANT EVEN SELL OUT MOST OF HIS SHOWS AT THE Cap. Not all of us are the total morons who will drop stupid money on friends of the owners bands. He charges 300 bucks for some drinks a shirt and a Umphreys McDownlow Brandon Baylor Bryan Static show. Just stop already. Bands should learn they don’t need a venue owning pimp to prostitute them on fixed contracts, while we see the music get watered down and money handed to half wit junkies in smaller jambands like McDownlow.

Joshua Kat May 18, 2014, 21:22:58

Thank you, well put. Maybe Locken will be a total bust too and put an end to the get rich quick non-sense. The first one was special but I ain’t paying $1500 MORE per ticket this year for lesser bands, a slim chance of ABB actually going to make it to the stage and the failure of so many promises from last year!

Jambands Clear Channel Venues May 18, 2014, 22:20:56

What has been set up is no different than Clear Channel buying up all the big venues to squeeze fans dry. Old jamband venues were redone others were built, all to remove these pesky corporate middlemen like Clearchannel and replace them with smiling “fans of the scene” owners with $£¥ signs in his eyes. What’s worse here is the bands collude with places like Brooklyn Bowl to screw their fans on pricing like the Umphreys release party that cost me and my lady 300 a piece. I will never see a special show of that cost again at any of these slot machine venues. After over 100 Umohreys shows I will never see them again either. They played a lame two set show that their buzzes could handle after their long night at UMbowl the previous night at another Shap venue. Talk about a band on the precipice that has fallen apart in the last couple years. They were trying to hard to justify these prices they clouded with the venue management to charge. 100 one night 300 the next for a band that plays in average to 1500 people per show. I left feeling like someone robbed me of my last drops of water in the Mohave. To do this with Phil and constantly pimp the low level acts who are buddies with the venue management so they can charge huge prices at your venue is pathetic. Glad I don’t need to make money that way and can be a consumer of choice from this scheme.

UMphan May 18, 2014, 22:50:55

Hey fuck you guys. I would have spent lots more on the Umphreys shows in New York. The link between Umphreys and these venues is like the Greatful Dead with Bill GrahUM. You guys are jealous. What the band has done with these venues is provide you with a one stop shop with your ticket. I got mercy drinks and a cd for 300 then a 2 set show. You poor losers couldn’t afford it. You know the artists love the venues and are friends with Mr Shapiro which makes it feel like family. If you guys don’t like our swag stay the fuck off our cloud and out of our friends places. We have the torch. Cinnigar plays like an improv SRV while these old men like Trey are trying to keep up but are losing to us. In ten years you will be paying 500 bucks to get on the floor at an Umphreys show at Notre Dame football stadium and I’ll still tell you to stay off my swag.

Noodles May 19, 2014, 11:06:55

If you truly want to know what musicians playing 1k-3k venues are paid and artists are paid simply read the financial quarterly reports for LYV (live nation / ticket master). Nothing shady about contracted runs in band/fan friendly venues. Look at the 9 shows Phil already played. ABB runs at Beacon for years. Look at MSG and B Joel who has dates sold out years into the future – when shows stop selling out Joel stops playing is the deal. Festivals create 250-350% MORE per each ticket sold in the form of advertising and sponsorships vs smaller theaters. Better known fests up to 500% or more. Why is LYV buying out the rights to established festivals globally? Many Kids won’t get it yet but older fans will. Most artists only make money playing gigs as nobody pays for records any longer, streaming audio pays pennies, SVOD is still being invented. Trey is not trying to keep up with anybody, they have SVOD tech down, tours are now well mapped in and out, follow the railroad line cities and nobody is crying. KISS shows still mint 3-4 million plus. I don’t know why, it is what it is. If you think UM by itself will play a stadium tour like Bruce you must be smoking something moldy. The UM headphones are an example of experimentation to raise the advertising and revenues per ticket sold, a cool idea no matter. Take that concept into a festival atmosphere and channel all the stages/ that’s happening. It’s all to benefit fans overall experience to those who want that experience. The problem is fans only have so much to spend and not every festival or new tour will survive. That has not changed. Like athletes, many musicians have a finite timeframe to make a lifetimes worth of money. It’s not easy to accomplish. How many Phil’s are there that can ink a multi run arena contract, not many. How many bands are there to ink such a contract at the town pub? A million. Play for a beer, go to work the next day.

UmPhan May 19, 2014, 12:07:58

Hey noodles Umphreys is a bigger act than Phil now. Their new album opened at number 7 on Billboard their manager told me when I saw him. Just deal with it. Frankly you sound like one of those Phish Dead fans that knows nothing about music. “How many Phil’s are there that can ink a multi run arena contract, not many. How many bands are there to ink such a contract at the town pub? A million. Play for a beer, go to work the next day.” What arena runs has Phil sold out? These venues talked about are between 1-3 k? Hardly arenas. His shows are empty from boredom and saturation, while UM chooses to play their friends smaller venues instead of places like PNC and Randall’s so we, the real phans, can be close to them. Get a clue acid casualty.

Noodles May 20, 2014, 03:32:28

Hey UmPhan. No need for disrespect. UM has it’s groove – been to more than a few. I wish (and perhaps am educated) about modern media and the new realities whined even the venues. The new road. Yes a mooed like a Cow at RFK in the tunnel to the shows back when. Just knowledge. Certainly won’t debate you, or Phil or Bobby having some light and thus intimate shows sometimes, not at 1-3 – check that one bud. Being worth 33/37 mm as thought you think perhaps it’s what a deserved sectarian might decide is best? And that scene having rooted for decades. Enjoy yours. The business is what is being discussed above, From a well enough toured fan that understands this industry and such well, and that’s the topic for everyone else…. So perhaps the headphone experience might open your eyes to that aspect of the scene. ROI. Learn what that means to LYV et al. You’re educated.

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