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Published: 2014/07/17

Paul McCartney References Phish in Interview

Paul McCartney referenced Phish in a new interview with Rolling Stone. The legendary musician and former Beatle name dropped the band after being asked if he ever felt like “tearing up the setlist” and playing whatever he wanted, saying:

Yeah, we occasionally do that, just for the fun of it. But it’s not like I’m Phish, you know. Certainly, there’s a load of people in the audience that would want us to do that, but I have to be a bit conscious that there’s a load of people that wouldn’t. Last night at the show, I said, “I know what you think of new numbers.” Because when we do the old numbers – something like “And I Love Her” – I see all the phones come out. You see all the little lights, ding-ding-ding-ding-ding, like Disneyland. And why did you just get your phone out? “Because it’s my old favorite.” That’s reality. And like me and the Bill Haley concert, I don’t want to cheat those people. So we mix it up occasionally, but mainly we hope we’re pleasing the various facets in the audience.

People say, “But why do you care, man?” Someone like Bob Dylan doesn’t necessarily care – he’ll just do what he wants, and that’s cool. I say, “Yeah, but I have these memories that haunt me of these concerts that I went to and these records that I bought.” I don’t want those people in my audience thinking, “Hey, we came for big hits, and you played a bunch of shit.”

As previously reported, McCartney is currently gearing up for the remainder of his Out There Tour, which will make its next stop at Target Field in Minneapolis.

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