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Published: 2016/03/29

John Mayer Joins Tales From the Golden Road to Talk Dead & Company and More

As Jambase points out, John Mayer appeared on SiriusXM’s ‘Tales From the Golden Road’ to discuss a variety of topics including the upcoming Dead & Company tour and his role in the wider scope of the Grateful Dead music.

Mayer once again touched on his initial introduction to the Dead, saying the “Althea” riff has become sort of like his “stock riff” over the years. The guitarist called it “one of the most fun guitar riffs” to play, adding that after hearing that song he “went down the wormhole in a big way.”

On the state of Dead & Company, Mayer said that the band really needed the whole tour last fall to get to where they are as a band today. He added that this year “the proof of concept is laid down” and that their goal this year is to figure out “how we can gel as a band” and “make the best music we can make.”

When a caller asked Mayer if he had ever played with Joe Russo (he hadn’t), the guitarist said he almost went to Joe Russo’s Almost Dead’s Brooklyn Bowl finale on Saturday. “I really want to go next time,” he said.

On his Dead & Company bandmate Jeff Chimenti, Mayer said he “is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met and the singlemost supportive musician in this entire Grateful Dead universe. He literally carries the songbook with him.”

A mysterious caller dubbed “Biff From Cabo” phoned in, which ended up being Mayer’s other bandmate Bob Weir. The two rapped about the upcoming tour, noting that there are “all sorts of stuff” going back and forth between all members of the group as far as what songs they’d like to perform this year. Songs named include “Dire Wolf,” “Throwing Stones,” “High Time” and “Foolish Heart.”

Dead & Company’s tour kicks off at Bonnaroo this summer.

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