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Published: 2002/06/28
by Brad Weiner

Rescue The Dog – Perry Jordan and Heartsfield

Bedrock Records 304

Rescue the Dog is a record I never expected to like. The cover art is
glaringly ridiculous. It depicts a dog flying on the back of a rocket
guitar leaving the atmosphere of the blue planet below. It has the visual
appeal of something found in a truck stop discount bin. Of course, there is
reason we never judge discs by their covers.

Perry Jordan and Heartsfield (a name that also needs some work) is a septet
that plays roadhouse jukebox rockers. Although the band only has six
several are multi-instrumentalists and several guests to add color to their
various crunchy anthems. The most noticeable element of the music is the
vocals, which are impeccable in solo, duet or three part harmonies. I would
call it a feasible cross between the music of Springsteen with the
of the Eagles.

What sets Heartsfield aside is their instrumental accuracy and ability to
stretch a typical rock song into a free flowing jam. "Just That Wind" lasts
for over eight minutes and romps through several style changes including a
funky middle section that is blasted through a wind tunnel by the highly
stylized low end provided by fretless bassist Steve Eddington. Acoustic
strumming, blazing electric guitar solos, and cut-to-the-chase drum beats
place Heartsfield in a category with all of our Karaoke favorites.

The only way I am able to accurately describe the music is that it moves. At
first, I didn't really connect with the music on my home stereo but once I
cranked it up in the car with the windows down, I understood where
is coming from. Rescue the Dog is a noble attempt at making music
that makes
the foot a little heavier and the white lines pass a little faster.

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