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Foly! Live Around The World – Habib Koit Barmada

World Village 468021

In Habib Koit39;s home county of Mali, each community has its own musical
style and sound. It is, in a sense, the same variation one would expect to
find in foods from region to region, where much of the basics are the same,
but the subtle touches and distinct flavors make each region unique. Koitnd his band, Bamada, bring to life the Malian version of the proverbial
melting pot, where the country's distinct regional flavors are simmered to
produce a single emotional and uplifting representation of Malian music. The
term Koitas coined for his style is "danssa doso," a combination of the
Malian name for a popular rhythm (danssa), and the word for hunter's
music (doso), an ancient musical tradition. The name also symbolizes
his feelings that the soul of the past and the promise of the future should
be united as one.

Foly! Live Around the World is the fourth album, and first live
release, from the West African group. While Koit39;s brand of world music has
garnered him much critical acclaim worldwide, his success in the United
States could be potentially hindered by his tendency to sing in his native
tongue. The fact of the matter is, that while many people out there can
appreciate a singer regardless of whether or not they understand the words,
more folks are just plain hung up on having words with their music that they
actually understand. This may help explain the generally modest success of
"world music" in U.S. markets, especially as compared to the popularity of
more domestic tunes.

Regardless of Koit39;s stateside marketability, he has managed to gain the
attention of many notable musicians based on the grace and emotion of his
songwriting, and the sheer power of his performances. Koitas attracted
high profile fans like Jackson Browne, and he appeared on Bonnie Raitt's
latest album, Silver Lining. In 2002, he was awarded a Kora for Best
West African artist (the African Grammy).

So, if you are one of those people who feels the need for a little English
with your music, this album is probably not for you. But if you are one of
those folks who believes that music itself is indeed the universal language,
and you've got a taste for world beat, do yourself a favor and pick up Habib
Koitnd Bamada's Foly! Live Around the World.

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