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Published: 2005/05/08
by Matt Brockett

Medicine Chest – Spookie Daly Pride

Funzalo Records

On Medicine Chest, Spookie Daly Pride touch on a vast variety of genres, all the while infusing them with their own funtime sound. If you like a heaping dose of slapstick party flavor with your pop rock, and Dr. John-meets-Tom Waits-meets-Wolfman Jack vocals, then these guys are for you, and if not, this stuff could be nauseating.

Songs like "My Fancy Pants" and "Boogity Man" could leave a listener wondering if this album is supposed to be aimed at 10 year olds. If it wasn't for the suggestive subject matter and squeaky bed sound effects, you'd swear "The Bumpin' Uglies Song" was meant for kids. Songs like these and "My Fancy Pants" confirm SDP as a party band who make music to have fun, and they obviously don't take themselves too seriously. So when they decide to shift gears it can be difficult for the listener to realize what is happening. On "Hope To Hold" vocalist and keyboard player Spookie Daly fancies himself the sensitive pop R & B lounge singer, and actually pulls it off, but listeners can find themselves waiting for the punch line that never comes.

Ironically, the album's last track "You've Been Gone For So Long" is probably its best. The stripped down jazzy feel of Spookie going solo on piano and vocals sounds genuine and heartfelt. Undeniably a poppy party time band, Spookie Daly Pride is summed up best in the New Orleans circus music sounds of "What A Friend I Have In You," a song so catchy you can practically see the drunk sorority girls arm in arm, slurring and swaying along.

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