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Published: 2005/06/02
by Katie Mavrich

Jackpot! – Buckwheat Zydeco

Tomorrow Recordings 70008-2

It's been eight years since Buckwheat Zydeco have gone into the studio and recorded an album — its last recording was 1997's Trouble. That means that Stanley "Buckwheat" Dural, Jr. and his touring band have had nearly a decade to craft and fine-tune Jackpot!, their third release on Dural’s own Tomorrow Recordings. And from the first squeeze of the accordion on the opening track, "I’m Gonna Love You Anyway," you know you are in for a ride with what has been hailed as "the world’s best party band."

As per the norm for Buckwheat Zydeco, the band fuses together a mix of rock, soul, blues, and of course, zydeco the French Creole music of southwestern Louisiana. On Jackpot!, as well as the band’s previous releases, it’s easy to see why the members have been dubbed "the world’s best party band." Dural’s vocals are extremely energizing, both in what he sings and how he sings it. The rhythms and harmonies provide the perfect backdrop of boogie especially on "Rock, Boogie, Shout" to jam to.

The album is divided into two parts the first nine tracks make up Jackpot! and the final three are an encore presentation featuring Organic Buckwheat. Organic Buckwheat, comprised of "Buck’s Going Downtown," "Buck’s Going Uptown," and "Buck’s Going to Trenchtown," the heavy-heavy tunes are replaced with one of Dural’s favorite instruments he goes horizontal with the Hammond B3 organ. Dural’s lyrics take a backstage as well. The result is jazzy and funky, with "Buck’s Going to Trenchtown" heavily infused with slow reggae.

While those with an uneducated musical ear may associate accordions only with polka music, others know that much more can be done with the squeezebox. Buckwheat Zydeco is a testament to that it isn't just an instrument to one-two-step to. When juxtaposed with the right lyrics, accompanying music, and in the right hands Buckwheat Zydeco's hands the accordion helps make up the world's best party music. Let's just hope that the band doesn't wait another eight years to produce another album.

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