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Published: 2006/11/19
by Brad Farberman

Looking Out For Number 6 – Chris Harford

Reincarnate Music/Chocodog Records

Singer/songwriter Chris Harford recently wrapped thirteen dates in support of the Benevento-Russo Duo. His band featured Sir Joe on drums, Scott Metzger on guitar and Ween bassist Dave Dreiwitz. Harford also sang and played guitar in Tom Marshall’s Amfibian. And collaborated with weirdo/legend Daniel Johnston. And played in a band with Morphine’s Dana Colley.

Basically, the dude surrounds himself with some heavy cats. Even heavier is his new disc, Looking Out For Number 6. Produced by Dean Ween, Number 6 is the first non-Ween record out on Chocodog (Ween’s label) and, in the long tradition of Dean and Gene, it rocks.

Unlike a Ween record, however, it’s not that weird. Harford’s eight songs here are simple, straightforward, and without mention of spinal diseases, so if the brown is what you crave, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you’re searching for some rockin’ tunes, and a mellow mood, do check in (plus, Deaner plays on all the tracks, so the Boognish is present after all). Highlights include the brooding “This Moment Is All We’ve Got,” and the mostly acoustic “Teach Me,” featuring Gene on backing vocals and an interesting lyric from Harford claiming that he wants someone so much that its “emptied my bones.” I wouldn’t empty my bones, I think, for this album, but I would empty my wallet.

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