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Published: 2007/04/23
by Katie Mavrich

Costello Music – The Fratellis

The Fratellis burst onto the mainstream music scene with that uber-catchy iTunes commercial featuring the song “Flathead.” Come on, you know it: “Bara bap bara ra ra ra bara bap bara ra ra ra” If you are anything like me, you saw the commercial and hopped online to frantically find out who the band was, so that you could get more of it immediately. The internet and television, via MySpace streaming, commercials, primetime soundtracks, and the like, has seemingly changed the face of music, bringing otherwise unknowns into the realm of pop culture. Some may call bands that submit their material to such outlets sellouts, but when it brings a sound as raw and refreshing as The Fratellis, sell on friends; sell on.

The Scottish trio, whose name has nothing to do with the villains of the 80s cult classic The Goonies, has only been together since 2005, and Costello Music marks their first studio album, though they’ve put out several singles and two EPs in the UK. Costello Music was released in the UK in September 2006, six months before the United States release date and in my humble opinion, that was six months too long.

Franz Ferdinand they are not, The Fratellis put together a disc that is chock-full of quick, upbeat punk-y rock. (I have to say punk-y, because the Sex Pistols they are also not.) The subject matter of the songs practically spells debauchery. “For the Girl” is easily something to get drunk and celebrate, oh the fact that it’s Wednesday. “Vince the Loveable Stoner” tells the story of the title character’s high times, from eating tacos with the ladies to his 16-days gone pupils. And then there are the salacious, sexy, scandalous tales of “Chelsea Dagger,” “Everybody Knows You Cried Last Night” and “Got Ma Nuts From a Hippy,” all set to a backdrop of music that you just want to get up and jump around to.

The Fratellis are easily the best thing to come from the UK in a long, long time. Costello Music is a party. One big, long, beer chugging, shot downing, sloppy making out in random alleys party. And when it’s over, you won’t want the party to end. Nope, you’ll start Costello Music over again, and party on into the wee hours of the night.

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