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Kaki King

Cooking Vinyl

Duplicity might be the last thing you’d expect from earnest singer/songwriter Kaki King who has made a career of guitar-centric heart-on-sleeve folksy pop-rock. But the guitar virtuoso’s latest standout effort Junior is inspired by living a double life—espionage style. With Kaki King focused on having a spy-like secret identity, this moody effort sways between these dueling personalities, fluctuating pleasingly from post-punk stomps to thoughtful, introspective dirges. The dark-pop opener “The Betrayer” lyrically recalls tales of traversing rooftops and fleeing from secret agents with King demonstrating her enviable six-string prowess. While the fervent punk spirit of “Spit It Back In My Mouth” might be a sonic departure for this subdued songwriter, its lonesome guitar riffs, whip-like percussion and wailing synth chords leave you ready to hit repeat.

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