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Iggy Pop
Roadkill Rising: The Bootleg Collection 1977-2009

Shout Factory

Before the convenience and abundance of online downloading, this is the type of release that a younger music addict, who is now writing this, would have viewed as an unearthed diamond in an enchanted world known as a record store. Bringing together performances from nearly two dozen locations over the span of 22 years, the material can shift in sound quality, but never lacks in the gung ho, full throttle momentum brought to it by the ever-energetic Pop.

Chronicling each decade of his solo career, the four discs represent Pop’s attempt to broaden his musical palette beyond the search-and-destroy punk rock ethos he created with the Stooges. It’s why, even when he’s performing songs from that band (“No Fun,” “1969,” “Fun House”), it’s more of a bridge connecting his musical spirit rather than a nostalgic move through past glories. Still, his pre-solo days do hound him as evidenced by an attempt to sing the standard “One For My Baby (And One More For the Road),” which has been covered multiple times by Frank Sinatra and numerous others over the past six decades. Belligerent audience members wont’ settle down to give him the opportunity to perform the number, creating a lengthy tug of war between a rowdy crowd who only wants the uncontrolled frontman versus an artist who aims to move beyond the framework of what’s expected. .

And over these 32 years, you hear his circular progression. In the ‘70s he merges the foundation of the Stooges with the influence of working with David Bowie. This leads to his commercial peak with “Real Wild Child,” “China Girl,” “Home” and “Candy” during the ‘80s and ‘90s, and the brute force heavy metal power chords when the 21st century emerges. While the shades of his musical personality may change, his primal roots never leave him. This compilation ends up being the clearest picture of who Pop was and who he is and how his aims for rock ‘n’ roll never changed despite the passing of years. Live, he’s always wanted the experience to shake, shatter and explode with him as the puppet master, master of ceremonies and director of the production.

If you order the set from, you also receive “Iggy Pop – Live At The Waldorf, San Francisco – November 27, 1979,” a previously unreleased concert CD not available anywhere else. It’s limited to 400 numbered copies, and available here.

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