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Published: 2012/07/18
by Greg Gargiulo

Candy Salad

After introducing their blend of howling harmonies and experimental guitar-driven outpourings to the world with 2010’s debut LP, Wild Smile, Suckers managed to turn more than a few heads and amassed a following in the process curious of their next move. On their follow-up, Candy Salad, they prove they’ve only just begun to dip into their creative potential, bellowing brilliantly and just as effectively as before, but with a new approach and batch of tricks to go along with them this time around.

In what could easily be considered a catchier, bouncier set for their sophomore effort, Salad offers a wide range of styles with no two tracks overlapping in arrangement. While the formulas may differ from track to track, Suckers have still managed to effectively inject their most sought-after signatures into the record’s sound: piercing two-part vocal and whistling harmonies, driven by Quinn Walker’s beautifully gruff chops and supported by Austin Fisher’s croon, and poignant guitar solos that somehow find their way into just about every track. This seemingly basic outline, when tweaked accordingly, is what creates the lasting impression on each offering here, with “Charmaine” and “Roses” both seeming to interpret the epic ballad in their own way, and “George” switching gears entirely into a island-vibe daydream reminiscing the days of yore. Whatever the tone happens to be, Suckers belt each one out with unmistakable, as if announcing the good news from the treetops, and in doing so, further solidify their role in this new class of rock pioneers who are changing (and reviving) the game.

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