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Boogarins, Seaport Music Festival, New York, NY- 8/15

New York’s Sea Port Music festival is known for taking risks and bringing indie music from all over the globe. Friday evening as the after-work drinkers trickled into the outskirts, the festival presented rising Brazilian psychedelic rock band the Boogarins.

The band broke into the night strong with “Avalanche”s stomach-punching chords and their signature blend of the 60’s vibe throughout. As the band transitioned into their opening track of As Plantas Que Curam, “Lucifernandis”, the crowd broke into cheers when recognizing the dominating guitar riff. Barefoot guitarist Ferraz then passionately infused his distorted guitar leads in the patient melodies of “Infini” also on their debut album.

Although As Plantas Que Curam is completely in Portuguese, the music does all the talking. Benke uses his bodily, warm vocal sounds to flirt with the audience, and Ferraz’s guitar solos rips to all understanding. Bass player Raphael and drummer Hanz continue to bring it to the next level of sonorous, psychotropic music.

The night continued with coquettish track “6000 Dias” and dreamy “Sei La”- two songs separate from the album but with similar taste. Ferraz presented “Tempo” as a new song set to release on their upcoming album that little information is known about. The song featured various suspenseful pauses before breaking into an upbeat Tropocalismo- rock vibe. The night came to an end with the soft closeness of “Doce” that gradually built into a heavier lively finish that left the crowd craving more. The Boogarins brought a mix of goofiness yet soul to the stage that clearly resonated with the audience.

The band has a bit more ground to cover in the US before heading back to their home country Brazil. They’ll finish off their 2014 tour with a bang at Sao Paulo’s Popload Festival where bands like The Lumineers and Tame Impala will also be performing.

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