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Published: 2013/01/09

Bonnaroo Begins Revealing RooClues

Bonnaroo has begun unveiling its cryptic RooClues for the 2013 festival. This year’s clues will be announced in a rather confusing manner and each will be in the form of a haiku. Every Tuesday at noon EST, Radio Bonnaroo will broadcast the location (potentially anywhere in the United States) where a clue is located. Fans are encouraged to find the clue and post of a photo of it on the festival’s Facebook page. Every Thursday at noon EST, one line from a clue will air on Radio Bonnaroo, with another line to be delivered to those with the Bonnaroo App and another line to be released on the Bonnaroo365 YouTube channel. Fans will then have to put each haiku together themselves.

The first few clues have already been revealed and you can read them below. Please get cracking on the speculation and let us know what your best guesses are in the comments section. We’re as baffled as you probably are too.

Clue #1:

Rising son of man
The future was less certain
Human contact is gone

Clue #2:

Two-by-twos they come
Two crabs walking on the beach
While the pavement bakes

Clue #3:

Joy on the north end
Spiritual shaking abounds
But does one believe?

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