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Published: 2014/01/07

Spin Open and Melt: The Phish Spin Class

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Ira Lindenberg has launched a series of spin workout classes featured the music of Phish. The longtime Phishhead started the series in 2013 and will host his next Phish-related class at Brooklyn, NY’s SYNCSTUDIO on Thursday, January 16 at 8:15pm. A note about the class explains, “It may be seven below outside but our blood boils with excitement and energy after a glorious end to 2013. The thrills, chills and spills of Phish’s 30th year blowout at the Garden will be the soundtrack of this latest installment. You all have inspired me with your friendship, encouragement and support. Now the New Year beckons us to grab life by the proverbial antelope horns and me to set up this new email account. Make no mistake about it, inside your fuego, we keep it rolling! So sign up early and sign up often. See you all soon!”

Admission is $25. Those interested in attending should bring water bottles, workout clothes and sneakers or cycling/spinning shoes (if you have them-bikes are equipped for both). Please click here to sign up for the class.


There are 15 comments associated with this post

TCinNYC January 7, 2014, 11:08:55

Fast enough for you?

me January 7, 2014, 12:57:51

Ha, ha… my wife has been talking about wanting a zumba class that does this!

otto January 7, 2014, 12:22:20

I hope he is paying royalties for this

spikenyc January 7, 2014, 13:26:47

For real?
Jeez, how stupid is this?

Mark January 7, 2014, 14:47:58

The smells in that room…. I can’t even imagine.

Reba January 7, 2014, 15:20:06

As a girl that’s been seeing them since 95, and I live in Brooklyn, I say this is awesome.

Fatdaddyphat January 7, 2014, 17:01:20

Scent of a mule?

jake January 7, 2014, 17:52:36

look out for the copyright police headed up by julia mourdant, the biggest c*%t in the music business.

Adam January 8, 2014, 11:17:04

You guys really don’t understand how royalties work… If the gym pays their ASCAP/BMI fees, then they can play whatever music they want, Phish has 0 say. I have no idea whether or not the gym does, but that’s up to ASCAP/BMI’s enforcement people to monitor, not Phish.

greg3wi8 January 8, 2014, 14:23:55

$25! for $10 i can get a joint and a bag of doritos and listen to phish on my couch

Colphorbin January 8, 2014, 17:35:55

I saw this on Gothamist and immediately attempted to custy up the $25 bucks for this. The class if full and 30 out of 32 slots on the wait list are taken. Amazing. How about one of these in Manhattan Ira?

Caitlin January 8, 2014, 17:53:10

I and a few other people in my office are signed up – I never get as much exercise as I should and this is a great way to do it! Can’t wait.

Peyton Moore January 8, 2014, 18:14:05

I go to this class and it’s amazing! MSG this last run I hit my 150th show, so I think I know the drill. This is NO joke. We rode to a Fall 2013 setlist at the last class and there were even glow stick tosses at key moments. Can’t I spin while I’m spun!? KEEP GOING IRA! Killin it!

Dan Kanter January 8, 2014, 22:33:29

Awesome Ira!!!

SPINOPENANDMELT January 9, 2014, 08:24:04

Email SPINOPENANDMELT@GMAIL.COM to be added to the mailing list :))))))))))))))))))))

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