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Published: 2014/02/26

Soundgarden to Play Superunknown In Its Entriety

Earlier this week, Soundgarden announced their plans to release a deluxe reissue of their fourth album, Superunknown, in honor of the LP’s 20th anniversary. Now it looks the band will taking their celebration one step further by performing the album in its entirety during their upcoming set at the iTunes Festival—which coincides with SXSW—on March 13 in Austin, TX. It will be the first time that band has ever played the full record live.

As previously reported, the iTunes Festival will feature performances by Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Willie Nelson, Zedd, Keith Urban and more. Tickets to event will be distributed via a random drawing for persons with SXSW badges.


There are 5 comments associated with this post

Clive Bigsby February 26, 2014, 16:33:24

Meh, only thing I’d want to hear is Black Hole Sun.

AK February 26, 2014, 17:31:14

Ok, it’s time for the customary jambands comment – Not only are these guys not even close to being a jamband, or even anything tangential to the jamband world, they’ve always been a sub-par act in their genre. No, scrap that – they’ve always sucked. I’d honestly like to know if this article is relevant to any of the readers here – really. I’m not trying to be snide, I’d just like to know if anybody actually cares about this.

Otto February 26, 2014, 18:59:23

I care. I love SoundGarden. I don’t think they are sub-par and know many people who feel the way i do. SuperUnknown, Bad Motor Finger and Louder Than Love are all GREAT albums. Any band that can hold their own on a stage with Metallica and the Ramones is a GREAT BAND!
And I happen to love when this site has more than just “jambands” on it. If there is one thing about the “jam” genre, is that is supposed to be about music. Bluegrass, heavy rock, electronica, jazz and even “pop” (Yes POP, remember, John Fishman kissed a girl….AND HE LIKED IT TOO) are all a part of Jam.
I feel bad for you AK…31 flavors and all you see is Vanilla, Strawberry and chocolate.

AK February 27, 2014, 14:11:45

Cool Otto – I’m glad it’s relevant to somebody. I just figured most Soundgarden fans don’t use as their go-to news source for the band. Just as I don’t use as a news source for the thousands of other bands I listen to that aren’t jam. I feel bad for you for thinking there’s only 31 flavors out there.

JJ March 1, 2014, 17:55:13

I for one love Soundgarden. When I was a teenager this was the heat of music. Loud, fast, hard, fun and in terms of the 90’s grunge scene I would definitely put Soundgarden in the class of AIC, Pearl Jam, Nirvana. And they are AMAZING live. There bass player is as good as anyone out there.

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