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Published: 2014/03/30

The Disco Biscuits Play "S" Set in Phoenix

After STS9 returned to the stage with new bassist Alana Rocklin, The Disco Biscuits took their turn at Phoenix’s McDowell Mountain Music Festival with a set full of tunes that began with the letter “S.”

In the same vein as Phish’s “S” show at Denver’s Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in 2011, The Biscuits included songs such as “Strobelights and Martinis,” “Story of the World,” “Spacebirdmatingcall” and “Safety Dance,” among others. While “Little Shimmy In A Conga Line” doesn’t begin with “S,” it is commonly referred to as “Shimmy,” keeping with the theme.

The Disco Biscuits will perform next on July 31 at the Gathering of the Vibes Festival alongside special guests Bill Kreutzmann and Mickey Hart.

Here’s a look at the setlist as it appears in our Box Scores section:

The Disco Biscuits
Margaret T. Hance Park
Phoenix, AZ
McDowell Mountain Music Festival

Set I: Strobelights and Martinis > Story Of The World > Spacebirdmatingcall* > Little Shimmy In A Conga Line* > Svenghali^ > Safety Dance > Story Of The World, Save The Robots

Notes: *inverted ^inverted with Moshi Fameus


There are 10 comments associated with this post

Dicks March 30, 2014, 17:58:17

I was at this Phish Show at Dicks…..I think the guys from tdb were there too. Every song started with S… was pretty cool. Where did tdb create this idea? It’s second tier stuff.

Roose March 30, 2014, 18:15:01

Phish was just covering their own M Set idea, nothing is original, everything is a remix

John Horsecock Sr. March 30, 2014, 18:29:30

I thought these guys retired, but it seems evident that they are pushing the envelope in the 7 shows they play a year. Less is more from such creative genius. I look forward to the days of one show every two years.

Tranceforeskinfusion March 30, 2014, 23:35:27

What was the story with all the Mexicans back by the soundboard? I never get why people bring kids to bisco let alone large families. I think they were boarder runners, but we were accommodating. The one guy you maybe saw with the handgun on his hip and leather mini sombrero on, and he seemed to be enjoying the “S” set. His wife was crying the whole time just piss drunk swearing at her 6 kids. I kept calling him poncho Vila because I didn’t get what he was saying besides the common language of the transcendent beats pulsating through our undeserving souls. After a while it became clear, I met my Mexican carbon copy. We were no longer two men, but two beings from lands apart united by trance fusion. He gave me his shark tooth necklace and I gave him my eastern Hawaii volcanic gem rod stone. The short set was winding down and poncho Vilas wife was passed out or ‘pretending to be ‘ while he was gone. I sat to check on her and I guess Poncho thought she was accidentally giving me head, but shit happens. I got furious at this guy. He looked like a migrant worker trying to play hard with a gun so I moved for his 38 and tackled him. Security came and broke us up as his wife was yelling “gringo I love you.” Clearly the show provided the track list to a normal TDB show.

MarZaPhiGar March 31, 2014, 00:17:54

You know what else starts with S?

Salvia? March 31, 2014, 00:53:47

Scrotum jam

el TORO March 31, 2014, 08:35:25

I came here for the scrotum jam

Poncho Villa March 31, 2014, 11:03:21

Que Buena fortuna!

King Rhino March 31, 2014, 12:22:43

LITTLE Shimmy In A Conga Line Starts with an L. FAIL’d

Where did the live go March 31, 2014, 13:42:45

Jesus Christ Jambands!!!! “In the same vein”...are you shitting me? A old schooler od’d there thus the Dicks Sssss set…for the lizards. Do u even know what the fuck you’re saying? Embarrassed for you.

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